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Ethereum’s Metropolis hardfork is right on schedule.
The Byzantium phase is now being tested on Ethereum’s test network. They will be testing this phase for up to two weeks before unleashing it to the official network. So far they’ve successfully verified a private transaction with the zkSNARKs technology. This is one step closer to realized zkSNARKS on Ethereum’s Mainnet once this release goes live.

Basic Attention Token now has an awesome browser that you can use.
It’s called Brave.
I’ve been using it for the past couple days and I like it. It enables you to personalize exactly how many or more likely, how few cookies/trackers/ads you’d like to encounter during your time spent online. And in my experience it also lives up to the hype of quickly loading web pages. The interface is clean and uncomplicated.
This browser is designed to streamline how advertisers and publishers reach their appropriate audiences and are rewarded for not using fraudulent tactics.

Decent bet ICO begins this Saturday.
They’ve organized this ICO so that it begins with a capped amount of $10,000 per person for the first 24 hours, if it has not sold out, the individuals on the whitelist can participate again, this time with a $20,000 limit. If the ICO still has not been sold out then the individual limit is removed until the ICO sells out. You can participate by joining their whitelist and you can buy into the ICO using Ethereum.

Have you ever wondered if your email has at any point been compromised?
Find out if your information has been leaked thanks to poor security of websites that receive it. Here’s a website you can go to and have your fears either realized or wiped away. All you have to do is in put your email (at your own risk of course) and see if it is found within any lists of compromised information.

I hope you all feel better with that breath of fresh air, and a renewed faith in this great new technology. Today’s video is short and sweet but stay tuned for my next video where I will be going over some of the popular Decentralized exchanges.

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