MoonX is next level in terms of team, tech and speed! They are the World’s ‘truly’ Decentralised Ownership Exchange. Dr. Nithin Palavalli (Founding Chief Executive) & Tony Lee (Founding Financial Controller) chat with BlockchainBrad about all aspects of this very impressive project! MoonX is a platform of the future for trading crypto assets that is decentralised, and co-owned by the entire MoonX Family. A group of the world’s leading cryptographers, stock exchange matching engine experts and quantitative trading and security experts volunteered in building the best-in-class secured blockchain exchange. Their aim is to match and exceed the existing Top Stock Exchange level + technology and provide best trading experience for the MoonX Family members. They aim to transact at Nano speed!

This is an ENTIRELY free video. It was NOT sponsored in any way. No Donations, not token offers. It was FREE for the people, for the crypto community.