BlockchainBrad speaks with Nash co-founders for an EXCLUSIVE update. we talk about their MVP coming up, developments of their Non-Custodial Financial Service Platform, Nash Mobile and more! Nash is a fintech company using blockchain infrastructure for the digital & distributed finance. Their products form an integrated financial services platform that is fully non-custodial, meaning you have full control of your funds. Users can invest in, trade and make payments with digital assets. Nash is a holistic financial architecture and system that combines the benefits of blockchain with the speed and pragmatic approach of traditional financial systems. They make decentralized finance fast, simple and safe.
Features, Services & Products:
Nash Exchange
The heart of Nash. Our distributed off-chain matching engine provides unparalleled functionality while leaving you in control of your assets.

Nash Mobile: Coming soon!
All-in-one. Keep different network assets in one safe place.
Scan. Convert. Pay. QR-code scanning and automatic currency conversion make payments easier than ever.
Trade as you go. Nash Mobile gives you access to our exchange – any time, anywhere.

Nash Pay:
Make life easy for your customers. Embed our platform into your store for instant digital asset payments – with zero fees or cashbacks.

Nash Extension:
A browser-based wallet that opens a world of possibilities.
This interview with the Fabio & Ethan of Nash was 100% free in every way. There was no tokens paid, no under the table deals and no fiat payment. It was FREE. I believe that reasonable and fair sponsored or paid content is not a problem if disclosed openly to the community. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
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