Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu chats with Edith & Chris about Blockchain & Crypto Trends in US and Asia. For more got to @Brad_Laurie and @GoodGuyMat @Blockchain_Boys

Cryptocurrencies have become a monetary revolution. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeds $500B in December 2017 and the market is still in its infancy. We believe cryptocurrencies & companies built on blockchains are here to stay and will become a common investment asset class and value transfer vehicle.

In this panel discussion, you will learn:
About the blockchain ecosystem in Asia & more about the Nebulas project who just completed their $60M pre-sale raise.
How the China ICO ban (in September) affected the ecosystem.
The role of ICO’s in blockchain companies and how to structure an ICO correctly.
The current trends in the blockchain ecosystem today (scaling, privacy, decentralized exchanges, etc)