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China Internet Report 2017

Blockchain Global Summit

Chain The “Internet of Transactions”

NEO Completes Rebranding; Announces Blockchain Partnerships

NEO Completes Rebranding; Announces Blockchain Partnerships

The Future of Blockchain – San Francisco event report


Demystifying the Alibaba connection from Antshares

Onchain to provide framework for Alibaba’s blockchain-powered email evidence repository

Digital Fair 2017: Counting Honesty, Benefiting the Homeland

Ambitious Alibaba takes aim at the kings of cloud computing

Ambitious Alibaba takes aim at the kings of cloud computing

Onchain and France chain to Citibank headquarters exchange blockchain technology in the financial sector

In cooperation with Microsoft, Onchain wants to help blockchain enterprises in the business through small ants and blockchain technology services

Onchain became the first to pass the national blockchain standard testing business

Aliyun, the first release of the mailbox based on the blockchain mailbox products, e-mail to become “ironclad”

Onchain joins with Alibaba for blockchain-powered email evidence bank

BAT layout blockchain: Tencent Ali strides forward, Baidu walk slowly

The Paradise Papers suggest Chinese tech billionaire Lei Jun is connected to the world’s biggest bitcoin miner

腾讯云宣布区块链技术商业化进入实质阶段 BaaS Tencent


Tencent cloud release blockchain financial-level solutions to promote the full commercialization of blockchain technology

Credible block chain summit held smoothly, the first batch of pre-evaluation results released

Hong Kong Blockchain Summit

Hundreds of elite industry units “Baotuan” China Blockchain Ecological Alliance was established

Chinese Search Giant Baidu Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium

Assistant Vice President Zhang Rongyu sunny day was invited to attend the “Zhejiang Province financial industry executives

R3, Microsoft Expand Partnership to Boost Corda DLT Adoption

R3 and Microsoft to expand strategic partnership will accelerate the Corda platform to use the process

Also to the cloud, NEO, star jointly held a meeting

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