The collapse of cash?! Is #Bitcoin the answer? New bullish indicators, dApp usage up, Swiss Stock Exchange SIX lists Ethereum ETP, Twitter CEO Stacking Satoshis, Starbuck’s crypto strategy, Opera comes to iOS, crypto news, and more!

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0:23 Markets 〽️
5:55 Crypto Dog:
7:20 The collapse of cash:
8:48 dApps usage:
10:00 20 million downloads:
10:15 Brave Browser (BAT):
12:19 Jack Dorsey Podcast:
12:27 Summary:
13:00 Swiss Stock Exchange SIX:
13:24 Jack Mallers:
15:03 Starbuck’s strategy:
16:50 Venezuala:
18:46 Coinbase XRP fail:
20:10 Chainalysis:
21:03 Argentina x Binace (BNB):
21:51 Celer Network sale will be cheap:
23:05 Elastrum x ICON (ICX):
23:32 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) City:
23:48 Mercury FXxRapid:
24:17 QuadrigaCX Extension:
24:52 Opera expands to iOS:
25:16 DX Echange:

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I Have NEVER Felt THIS BULLISH on BITCOIN and Cryptocurrency!!!

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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  3. @CryptoZombie – donating to you and other channels by using BAT is so easy and convenient. Kudos to Brave Browser. I would totally rock that Zombie shirt on the next concert i go to – I'll send you a pic if i win it. GG man, keep it up.

  4. I'm still hoping for BTC to stay bellow 4k for 4-6 more months, so we can accumulate more of the top 10 at such low prices.
    …thanks for all your work!

  5. your astronauts Bitcoin shirt please?? Hope you all and you K_DUB doing great greetings from silent night in Bali all infrastructures & all daily activities totally shutdown here for 24 hours, massive saving being made every solar rings

  6. Until the technologies and the infrastructures develop more you can understand why people like Starbucks would go for a more hybrid solution. It's very similar to the electric versus petrol car scenario.


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