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  1. Hey Crypto Tips. just wondering why your vids aren't available for download anymore. mobile data is expensive where I live so i would use wifi to download and listen while i drive. just curious

  2. "My Shangri-La beneath the summer Moon
    I will return again.
    Sure as the dust that floats high in June
    When movin' through Kashmir."

    Aaaaahhhhh yeaahhh…. rock that Zep baby!! "Who says I can't get stoned" is the John Mayer I love hahaha. HODL that Bitcoin folks! This Libra crap won't be the last effort of big biz to co-opt the REAL DEAL BTC!! Thanks Heidi.

  3. So true Heidi, as long as they don’t make it illegal to transact in btc I don’t really mind though. Just let the free market decide what kind of currency they prefer to use as payments!

  4. I disagree. I think Libra will be awesome for cryptocurrencies. Normal people will be introduced to cryptocurrencies and many of them will go on to bitcoin when they realize the shortcomings of libra. Libra Is the best gateway drug.
    The true issue will be that because it will be pegged on a basket of fiat currencies (and probably some other "low volatility" assets), the company deciding what will be in the basket, will have the power to influence the exchange rates. To some minimal extent, but more than enough to destabilize the fiat currency markets. Most likely in the favour of America. I doubt banks and governments will allow this.

  5. You are correct, and Libra will also at some point, not allow you to buy any other crypto with Libra, but only allow you to buy Libra with other cryptos. This one way street will drain money into Libra from all the other cryptos. I am amazed Google and many others are so fare behind on this kind of scam, as well, including banks and even sovereign entities. It's a great way for all of them to drain not only all of the other cryptos into their non-crypto crypto, but also a way to drain real fiat dollars into their non-crypto crypto, all the while storing up large amounts of fiat on their books. I can see a day when a greater than 50% situation exists where a critical mass amount of fiat has been invested in these non-crypto cryptos, and then the government outlaws them, or restricts or regulates them to the degree that they become "undesirable or dysfunctional", and all of a sudden people are bankrupt. The result is that the value of fiat becomes so high that inflation is through the roof, and we have a 1930s situation all over again. These non-crypto cryptos will become shadow currencies that are not under the control of "market forces", and that is very dangerous. Without the freedom that comes from the "invisible hand" of a free market, you will get pick pocketed. Ultimately it is the de-centralized and anonymous protections that come with true cryptos, that will prevail.

  6. Wait…. they think limited supply is a bad thing? Well what about the limited supply of Gold lol. The price of Gold was also volatile at one point, then it slowed down and to what it is today.

  7. Nice video.
    The old system is running its course. Research the Road to Roota. Conspiracy theory you say? Why would the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston print a comic book describing the end?
    Trump is a good guy, he knows that his public “hatred” of crypto will make crypto more popular.

  8. Big mistake handing over our monetary system to the private federal reserve in 1913 …..congress not doing their job….come one, you pass the federal reserve act at midnight just before christmas recess because you know it is unfair and you have to sneak it in and hope no one will notice and blow the whistle on the corruption, and then the President Woodrow Wilson is convinced to sign because if he does not there will be a big financial disaster,,,,,,,sound familiar????,,, barack obama has to bail out the big banks too big to fail with trillions of dollars because if you dont there will be a big financial disaster……Iceland is told they cannot throw the bankster fraudsters in jail because if they do there will be a big financial disaster but icelands president says youre going to jail anyway and the "big disaster" is not as bad as the fraudster banksters said it would be (good for him, that iceland president)../.KEEP VALUE AND PROTECT YOUR FREEDOM PEOPLE, anyone who says "if you do that there will be a big financial disaster"…IS LYING TO YOU….(yah they are hoping it will be a disaster so they can protect their corrupt system) are you a fool? were you born yesterday? no? good. buy some crypto. take ownership of the private keys and protect them.

  9. Fiat currency does NOT fail. It operates as planned from the start.
    It cripples and enslaves entire group of people to small group of people w/o them noticing until its too late.
    HUGE difference.

  10. If bitcoin were to succeed by being mass adopted as a legitimate currency there is going to need to be a consensus among its users To agree to use it how will central banks not win this fight because all central banks are in bed together . The apocalypse scenarios is all that comes to mind


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