Probably, everybody noticed how many new products in the world, which nowadays emerge on the market, are somehow related to blockchain technology. Various online casino are not an exception. A few new gambling or betting platforms appear on the world web each day. For example, casinos emerge at least once a week in the USA. 

Users even decided to create a specific name for that casino site. In most cases, they prefer to call such a platform the bitcoin or crypto casino. Nowadays, almost every gambling site gives its customers the possibility to earn or spend crypto. So, we decided to discuss bitcoin casinos in more detail. 

A Few Words About Cryptocurrency

As you already understand, cryptocurrency is mostly working thanks to and based on blockchain technology. In any case, it’s essential to dig a little deeper into the specific aspects of crypto to understand the main difference between it and real money.

Try to imagine that banks and tax administration can’t trace your money. It’s only you who decides whether you will pay taxes on your income or not. And you can spend your currency in literally any way you like. That’s the brief idea of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology ensures the anonymity and security of any transaction in the network. While customers do bitcoin gambling and send money through the web, all computers which use crypto are involved in those transactions. So, it’s almost impossible to understand who specifically sent the money.

Why Cryptocurrency Is a Good Fit for Online Casinos?

Most often, when any new online casino starts its activity, its administration faces the question of whether to allow its customers to use crypto or not. And almost every exact time nowadays, the answer is: “Sure, why not?” Here is a list of the main reasons why it’s a good idea to allow gamblers and betters to use cryptocurrency:

  • Fully anonymous transactions
  • Tax-free policy (if preferred by the end-user)
  • More democratic usage policy compared to traditional money
  • Cryptocurrencies can be used as an active financial resource
  • A wide variety of possibilities for currency exchange
  • And much more

The overall cryptocurrency market is growing each day. For example, in 2019, its general value was priced at $792.5 million. According to statistical counts, this number will rise to $5,190.6 million by 2026. Many people already use crypto as a specific type of financial asset. They stack it, keep it and sell when the price is at the highest rates.

You need to know that cryptocurrency is a good fit for any gambling site because of significant volatility. For example, if you don’t like trading, you can play video poker, slots, or place bets and wait for a suitable exchange rate. As a result, those betters and gamblers could make a great profit and have a good time at the same time.

In any case, most mobile casinos allow their customers to use both traditional and cryptocurrencies. So, if a player has a habit of gambling or betting, for example, USD — they can keep going that way. Still, about 50% of gambling sites give their customers the possibility to buy crypto with a traditional currency. So, if at some point somebody would like to try out specifically crypto gambling, they will be given such an opportunity. 

General Info about Variety of Crypto Casino Bonus

There are many special offers and bonuses which every online casino offers to its players. They can vary a lot from one online gambling club to another. Many different types of those offers are available only to newcomers. Still, there are lots of helpful staff that can be used by any user, whether they are new or old. Here is a brief list of those special offers:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Free spins
  • Deposit bonus
  • Cashback bonus
  • Matched bonus
  • Bonus codes
  • Reload bonuses
  • Casino no deposit bonus
  • And much more

Lots of special offers are so-called wagering bonuses. The wager multiplier shows how many times (e.g., x5, x20, x30, etc.) players need to place bets or participate in any other activity at the platform to gain a possibility to withdraw funds. For example, suppose the player gains 0,0002 BTC as wagering bonuses with a multiplier of x5. In that case, they must play at least 0,001 BTC, including bonus funds, to possibly withdraw money they won using bonus funds.

Many online gaming clubs give away up to 1000 free spins for slots as a special offer. This slots casino is often created traditionally and works the same way as other gambling and betting clubs. Among them are Slots Empire, various video slots, and other slot games. The main difference is that you need to bet not on a traditional but on a cryptocurrency. Free spins bonuses name speakers and allow people to rotate the slot machine for free.

There are more bonus and promotion possibilities available for each bitcoin casino player. Different online betting and gambling clubs often try to stand out and suggest unique and exclusive bonuses to all their customers. In any case, to get more specific info about the whole variety of special offers and casino bonuses, let’s discuss a few of them in a more detailed way.

Deposit and no deposit bonuses

Every experienced gambler knows that there are two main, huge categories of special casino offers. They are deposit and no deposit bonuses. The difference between these two categories is pretty simple — users might claim no deposit bonuses even without making any money transfers to the platform. But, to claim special deposit offers, they need to make at least one small deposit on the official website.

Most often, no deposit bonuses are not very huge and can’t significantly impact the gaming experience. At the same time, special deposit offers are usually much more extensive and can help a lot, especially for newcomers. Still, various exceptions to this universal rule might appear from time to time. For example, in the past year, during the Christmas holidays, one of the biggest online casinos in the USA gave a vast no deposit to all newcomers in the form of 0,001 BTC.

Welcome bonus

To attract as many new players as possible, many new online casinos offer so-called welcome bonuses for newcomers. In some cases, they come along with a few wagering requirements and sometimes require additional deposits through the platform before getting full access to their potential. Still, they are often free for all who have registered and get verified on the platform’s official website.

Almost certainly, the exact amount of any welcome bonus will not be too big. Probably, newcomers will get a few dozens of free spins and some money for placing bets, card games, or roulette. But, in any case, it’s much better than nothing and might help a lot to win something like jackpot slots or hit a big score in roulette or poker.

Bonus codes

When somebody starts playing crypto games, they usually might find on the internet various resources with so-called promo codes (also known as bonus codes). They often look like a sequence of symbols, numbers, and letters, which the user needs to enter in a specific place on the official website of the new crypto casino. They are usually renewed at least once every year at the latest.

More or less, those types of special offers don’t affect casino gambling in almost any way. Players claim them and gain a little money, free spins, bets, etc. For an experienced user, this probably won’t make a significant difference. However, they are still quite pleasant and useful. You can find these bonus codes on social media, the official websites of bitcoin casinos, or even specialized websites.

Cashback bonuses

Nowadays, everybody understands what cashback is. What can be more pleasant than receiving a piece of your spending back at your credit, debit, or prepaid card? Probably, nothing can. So, why wouldn’t you use this special bonus in a world of crypto online casinos? So, the administration of most new gaming clubs decided to give cash back for many of their verified users.

For example, Las Atlantis online casino offers up to 15% cashback on any deposit, which every verified customer makes through their platform. In some cases, the cashback rate might significantly increase and go up to 25% from any deal. This marketing move is one of the most successful in history and can substantially increase the income for both players and platform administration. 

Online Casino

Online Casino: Available Games and Other Activities

Among a wide variety of games available in any BTC casino, there are many pretty traditional for all casinos games. Still, lots of activities opened only for those users who decided to use crypto in any further interactions with the platform. For example, among the most popular types of online gambling and betting types at any Bitcoin casino are:

  • Video poker
  • Monopoly
  • European and other kinds of roulettes
  • Online slots
  • Various jackpot games
  • BlackJack
  • Baccarat
  • Keno
  • Board and table games
  • Lotto
  • Untraditional for casinos online gaming (three in a row type games, etc.)
  • And much more

You should know that there are many other activities that every player can access through the crypto casino. Unlike traditional poker sites, online gambling clubs allow users to participate in huge tournaments with a massive progressive jackpot. The overall number of participants might go up to a few thousand in some cases.

Different Types of Slot Machines

As we already mentioned before, all customers have access to various slots. Most of them are professionally designed and look exactly like traditional gaming sites. Still, most often, the player needs to use cryptocurrency to play. Also, very often, users can play so-called “Demo games.” This regime allows players to try out all slot machine features for free.

Also, among various traditional slot machines, any customer can find a particular type of game that shares similar ideas but entirely renews gameplay. One of those new super slots is so-called “dropping Balls.” The main idea: the player gets about a few hundred balls. After they pressed a button — those balls started to fall through the obstacles and landed on the fields with multipliers. As a result, players might both lose or gain some cryptocurrency.

Card games

There are a large number of different games available at crypto casinos. Most of those games offer a unique gameplay experience and provide an opportunity to experience the whole atmosphere of a real Vegas casino. At the same time, a few are designed specifically for USA online casinos and look more like collection card games, but not gambling games. Still, after winning one game set, a user will gain money.

For example, one of the biggest online gambling clubs, named Wild Casino, allows their clients to play a great game of cards, which feels and plays like Hearthstone created by Blizzard. You have to defeat your enemy on a card battlefield with your forces in this game. Each card has its unique effects and stats. Nowadays, this is one of the favorite games among the 21-28-year-old audience of Wild Casino audience.

Untypical Games

This game is an excellent fit for those who want to experience a cafe casino mix content. Try to imagine that you are just sitting in your favorite cafe, enjoying your friends’ company, and playing some simple table games. That is the same gaming experience that will grant you those untypical games.

For example, many brand new casinos allow their users to play Monopoly, Munchkin, and other board games and earn crypto if they become winners. Also, they might play a typical tree in a row game, like “Candy Crush Saga,” and win real money. A few modern casinos online even developed an analog of classic scratch cards to ensure that their clients find what they need.

Special Features of Crypto Casino

Many unique features are among a wide variety of different elements, which many new online casinos allow their customers to use. Various companies like NetEnt Casinos have successfully implemented many of those features on their new platforms. Among the most exciting and valuable special opportunities for crypto casinos, for example, are:

  • Inbuilt possibility for currency exchange
  • Live dealer for almost every kind of games
  • Crypto market tools
  • Bets on crypto rates, similar to sports betting
  • Special reviews and prognosis
  • Live casino translations
  • Calculators and special tools
  • And much more

You need to know that every gambling and betting club has particular types of special features. The administration is also constantly improving its number, functionality, and usefulness. To be more specific, let’s go through a few of the unique features of one of the most popular online casinos in the USA. Keep reading to know more.

Inbuilt currency exchangers

It’s not a big secret that the exchange rate of almost every cryptocurrency is highly volatile. So, many people try to increase their stocks by trading on particular markets. At the same time, if they like real money slots or roulette, they can easily combine market trading with gambling. Almost every new online crypto casino has inbuilt currency exchangers to make this combination more effective.

Users can easily play their favorite slot machine from the games library and monitor the exchange rate simultaneously. Whenever they decide to make a good trading deal, players can stop their gaming activity and swap some currency, buy some crypto, etc. And even more — many owners even integrate for their end users a possibility to use global trading platforms, e.g., Binance, while surfing through the crypto casino’s official website.

Live dealer

The main issue with any new online casino in general and crypto games, in particular, is that many players feel a lack of interaction with other humans. Still, many users enjoy their loneliness and prefer to use those gambling and betting clubs precisely because of the possibility of staying away from other humans. There is, however, an added feature for those who enjoy the company of others.

It is called a live dealer casino. Almost any game, especially roulettes and card games, has at least a few special rooms where you can find a dealer who is not a robot but a real human. There is also live chat available for all participants. Also, at least a few special games, e.g., keno, lotto, or something similar, are supervised by real people. There is often a special section on the menu called “live dealer games.” 

Bet on Cryptocurrency Rate

As everybody knows, any cryptocurrency has an excellent volatility rate. It means that the exchange rate of any crypto goes up and down with a considerable divergence. This fact opens a huge possibility for everybody who likes to make bets. You can make a deal about the next steps in the specific crypto exchange rate, and if you win casino will pay you a considerable sum of money.

Regarding traditional sports betting — almost any brand new online casinos also have a few unique features. For example, you can watch any sports game online and make so-called “live bets” simultaneously. The more popular sport you watch, the more special offers you will get. There are up to a few thousand “live bets” available for a single match in some cases.

Mobile Versions

Almost everybody nowadays prefers to use their mobile phones over laptops and PCs. Developers of online casinos understand this trend well and created all necessary possibilities for their customers to use their phones for gambling and betting. Most often, users can access online casinos in two main ways:

  • Via mobile versions of the websites
  • Via special mobile apps

Both ways are pretty fast and effective. But, apps usually can provide more of the content and products than the mobile versions of the websites. 

Online Casino: Banking and Payments

Probably every over reader who has ever been to any Vegas casino knows that you only have special chips as a currency inside the building. You exchange your chips for cash when you enter or leave the casino. New online casinos, especially crypto, don’t offer such a possibility. All payment methods are pretty straightforward and clear, which helps save clients’ time and keeps them calm. Among different payment options are:

  • MasterCard debit and credit cards
  • Direct bank wire transfers
  • Offline cash payments
  • Online payments with E-wallets — Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer, etc.
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Visa debit and credit cards
  • Crypto wallets of any kind
  • Various types of eChecks
  • Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards
  • And much more

It’s important to know that every banking method available in the crypto casino is much more flexible than traditional gambling clubs. For example, there is no limit for a maximum or minimum amount for any banking options in most cases. Also, there is often no exact limit for maximum or bet amount and an exact number of bank transfers.

Among other benefits, you may use any type of cryptocurrency you’d like to. There is no difference between BTC, ETH, LTC, and other currencies. The main reason is that the user can always exchange all necessary amounts of their money into any traditional currency or crypto before making a payment. They may use an inbuilt exchanger or use any other if they prefer to.

There are no restrictions on any deposit or withdrawal in some cases. Some online casino sites allow users to operate with any crypto and any amount they desire. Those online clubs often provide the widest game variety and gaming library enumeration.

Online Casino

How to Choose a Trustful Gambling Provider

Nowadays, many scammers on the internet would like to obtain as much information about you as possible. Many websites that claim to be online casinos might be phishing sites that could steal your data. So, whenever you decide to choose online gambling and betting clubs, you need to look carefully at the following factors:

  • Gaming license
  • End-user agreement and other documentation
  • Proper badges

In some cases, a refined design of a considerable number of “dead” links might also help you to spot any kind of possible scam. Still, sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand whether you faced a real gaming provider or not. To be sure that you will find yourself a good gaming provider, we give you all the necessary info about all three categories mentioned above.

Gaming License

As you probably already know, not every state and country in the world has all the necessary government acts and laws to allow gambling. For example, you can’t gamble in Russia, but you still can place sports bets. So, only a few countries across the whole globe can give a proper gaming license for an organization to start and operate a brand new online casino. Here is a brief list of the most popular countries that can give an online gaming license:

  • Curacao
  • Cyprus
  • Great Britain
  • Italy
  • A few states of the USA (Alabama, Nevada, Arizona, and more) 
  • Malta
  • Alderney Island
  • Gibraltar

Sometimes, even the casino software creators have to get proper certification and obtain a license. The company TC Applies, one of the biggest creators of programs for online gambling platforms monitoring, was certified in the United Kingdom in 2015. It happened right after a good government act was established and entered London.

Proper Documentation and End User Agreement in Online casino

Every casino online needs to have a bunch of documentation to ensure a good and pleasant gaming experience for each customer. It would be better to carefully read all of this documentation before becoming a client of any new online casino. You might find lots of exciting and valuable information in those documents. Here is a brief list of all required documentation:

  • End-user agreement
  • Public offer agreement
  • Privacy policy
  • General terms and conditions
  • Cookie policy

Top online casinos across the world often put all necessary links with documentation right in the registration form so that everybody might check them up before registration. Still, those links must always be available on the main page of the platform’s official website. In that case, you will never lose them and can always get back and ensure that nothing changes or see the changes as soon as they appear on the documents.

Proper Badges

Lots of crypto casinos have special badges indicating their trustworthiness and good intentions. Most often, you can find badges near the menu or in the top bar of the homepage. But they can be located anywhere on the website. Every respected online casino often prefers to use two of the most highly spread badges. Usually, they are:

  • Responsible gambling (also responsible game) badge
  • Pragmatic gambling (also pragmatic play) badge

A responsible gambling badge means that a casino online fully appreciates the player’s interest in their products. Still, if any problems are detected, the resource’s administration might decide to ban a player if necessary. For example, suppose any players tried to scam, blackmail, or harm other community members. In that case, administrations have full rights and permanently ban such users.

A pragmatic play badge is all about avoiding any kind of abuse of the gambling process. If you can see this badge on the official page of an online casino website, they can ban users who play too much or spend all their money specifically on gambling. Also, gaming clubs with this badge often provide all the necessary help to those who gamble too much.  


It would help if you took back all the doubts about crypto and started using it right now in any possible way. Many successful online gaming clubs, like El Royale casino, have already implemented cryptocurrency in the whole variety of their products and deals. So, is there any possibility that this is just a scam or unnecessary wasting of money? Certainly not!

Many huge casinos software providers already insert all necessary permissions and protocols for subsequent use in the future of blockchain technology features into their programs at the beginning of the development. For example, Slot Ninja Casino already implemented crypto features into more than 80% of their available products, games, and offers. And they are not even in the TOP 20 of the USA casinos.

Also, if you check up a general description of blacklisted casinos, you will find out that they don’t allow the use of cryptocurrency. Probably, it’s the best way to prove that blockchain technology can be not only highly trustful. It also might help to protect your earnings and private info from any kind of scam. So, start to win real money right now with crypto, as many of El Royale’s clients already do.