Who would’ve thought that the day would come when online art, in the form of a jpeg, could sell at the same price or more than an original Van Gogh? Or a cat meme valued at more than a Boeing. With that being said, the internet is booming, with the crypto art network holding assets more valuable than most museums. These digital assets come in the form of crypto art, which creates an atmosphere of its own. This online space has become known as the Metaverse, which provides an intimate exhibition that integrates art and technology perfectly. As of right now, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are driving the market, quickly becoming the dominating way to buy and sell digital artwork, including designs of reality holograms, images from top performing artists, music, videos, and even tweets. 

Crypto Art In The NFT Marketplace

NFTs would be entirely valueless without the active marketplaces that accompany them. The marketplaces are virtual spaces where NFTs are placed on living and sold. Since the first NFT was sold, multiple marketplaces have emerged, with OpenSea remaining the most popular, alongside Nifty Gate, SuperRare, and Foundation. The variety of marketplaces remains exclusive and secure, with a unique code linked to each ledger. These codes provide information on who previously owned it, when it was made and how much the ledger was bought for. This information adds to the transparency, which translates into trustability. With the trend picking up, more individuals started to catch on. In March 2021, Kings of Leon became the first artist to create and deliver a streamable collection called ‘When You See Yourself’ sold as an NFT. That’s not all! NFTs have now integrated into almost every sector. Within the sporting world, people can enjoy game highlights in the form of an NFT. Crypto art has rapidly become a leader in its field, steering the crypto ecosystem to a more integrated and return-rich offer, making the internet a more public and cultural web landscape.  

How To Make And Sell NFTs 

The advantage of NFTs is that anyone can get involved. Whether you are an artist or a content creator, this could be the ideal way to earn your buck. An NFT can be just about anything that comes in the form of a digital asset, with the latest offer being virtual property. The process of how to make an NFT differs from one platform to the next. Some platforms charge fees known as gas often referred to as advanced platforms. For those looking to start, try out NFT marketplaces like Nifty Gateway, which allows creators to develop and sell free non-fungible tokens. 

Crypto Artwork Vs Mainstream Art

Unlike art galleries, the NFT world is slightly less tangible, with the crypto ecosystems developing into their Metaverse. Even with the huge differences, both hold similarities, such as that most art forms can be sold through art auctions. Although small similarities do coincide, crypto and mainstream artworks are entirely different entities that appeal to different demographics. The advantage of NFTs is that it eliminates big tech companies and other intermediaries like galleries and dealers. NFTs are sold using the digital currency Ethereum, and all ownership is authenticated through this process, facilitated by the smart contract system on which ETH runs. Once bought, your e-wallet will be where it is stored. Owners of NFTs can trade, swap, purchase or sell on any of their preferred marketplaces, which allows all NFT collectors to advance their collection and improve their digital portfolio.  

NFTs in crypto art

Art Brings A Social Aspect

Like traditional art, NFT or crypto art brings a level of sociality unique to its field. Art is bought to incorporate inspiration into people’s living spaces for pleasure. Besides this, art can initiate communication, setting the scene for people’s interests and tastes. No matter what industry you look at, passion drives conversation, and the more people who find their interest in offers like NFTs or crypto artworks, the broader the opportunities will be. The bigger the community will grow, directly affecting the conversation around the topic. One would think that even after the digital world expanded, masterpieces like Van Gogh’s artworks would always lead the way in terms of market relevance, but now with NFTs in the picture, the whole landscape has evolved. 

Get Your Piece Of The Pie!

Nowadays, just as many people interested in time-old classic artwork are interested in NFTs, bringing the market to the point, no one saw coming. Join in to enjoy integrating technology and art most seamlessly with the likes of NFTs and crypto art.