OneLedger (OLT) enables you to build your blockchain business application through modularization tools, which will communicate with the OneLedger protocol using its gateway. This mechanism will make your business application interact synchronously with different public and private blockchains using the corresponding side chains implemented on the OneLedger platform.

OneLedger defines a three-layer consensus protocol to enable more effective integration of different blockchain applications. Business logic can be implemented by the first layer – a configurable role-based consensus protocol leveraging hierarchical grouping similar to the structure of Merkle Trees. The side chain protocol can move consensus from the main chain with public consensus to the side chain with high performance and efficiency. OneLedger block structure enables the synchronization and reference between a three-layer consensus mechanism.

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1:55 What is OneLedger?
2:20 What is the problem OneLedger is trying to solve?
3:10 How are you able to achieve interoperability between different native chains?
4:14 Will you eventually migrate to a native chain?
5:02 Do you consider yourself BaaS?
5:22 What services fo you offer?
7:08 What languages do you support?
7:47 Chaincode vs Blockchain service
8:57 What separates you from the competition?
11:14 Decentralized vs centralized
11:49 Are you seeing a demand for this technology?
14:29 What is the extent of your partnerships?
16:31 Have any enterprises tried OneLedger yet?
17:02 What can we expect moving forward?
17:59 What is the utility of the token?
18:51 How does OneLedger make a profit?
20:40 Final thoughts…

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DISCLAIMER: This is an UNPAID interview, suggested by the community, designed to educate and inform only. In no way does this video condone or suggest you purchase OLT tokens now or in the future. I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Anything stated in this video is just my opinion. Investing in ICOs is inherently risky. Always do your own research before investing. I am not responsible for your investments or trades.

TRANSPARENCY: I do not own any $OLT, but may consider in the future.

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