Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has been challenging for many people to understand. And while millions of people today may have a basic understanding of this relatively new form of currency, many people still don’t truly understand Bitcoin, how it works, or why it’s a revolutionary way to purchase products and services.

In today’s episode, Bitboy discusses the recent social experiment he conducted on Youtube to learn what the general public really knows about Bitcoin. We discuss why we believe many people still prefer to receive cash instead of Bitcoin, why people still perceive it as an ‘untraceable’ currency used by criminals, and what the crypto community can do to help raise awareness and educate the public. We also discuss Bitboy’s crazy beard-trimming adventures as well as the upcoming Motorcycles on Meridian event that is scheduled to storm the downtown Indianapolis pavement this weekend.

“It’s not Bitcoin, itself, that’s become traceable. It’s that investigators, chainalysis, and cyber trace have actually figured out a way to track it through exchanges that use KYC.” – Bitboy

This week on Beards and Bitcoins:

Bitboy’s crazy beard-trimming adventures Motorcycles on Meridian will be taking over the pavement this weekend in downtown Indianapolis CEO of’s recent resignation Controversial celebrities and business owners currently in the crypto community Bitboy’s recent social experiment to learn what people truly understand about Bitcoin Why many people still prefer to receive cash over Bitcoin How the misconception that Bitcoin is an untraceable currency began The current number of Bitcoin addresses that currently hold bitcoins vs the total number of Bitcoin addresses How the crypto community can help advocate and educate others about Bitcoin

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