BlockchainBrad and Vlad from Prometeus Network have a crypto chat about a decentralized ecosystem solution to data brokerage. Prometeus valorises people-owned data. Using AI-based Blockchain tech, this infrastructure is used to gather, validate, process, and sell “people-owned data”. The tech supports growing industries such as Influencer Marketing, Medical and Insurance data market. Prometeus Network is developed by Prometeus Labs, a company existing out of data scientists and entrepreneurs who have been working for more than 15 years on machine learning, business development and marketing.
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Prometeus Timestamps:
0:02 Intro
0:23 Vladislavs Semenovs
1:06 Data: People-Owned Data, Data value
3:16 AI Driven Data + Value.
5:31 Infrastructure
6:45 Blockchain- Why it was unusual.
7:23 Flipping Centralised Systems on their head. Decentralised Data systems.
9:12 Social Marketing. Influencer Market.
10:45 Pre-Existing Client Base is strong
11:26 2 Groups of demand. Data miners and customers/clients
14:26 People Owned Data
24:19 Prometeus Network and Prometeus Labs distinction
25:19 Blockchain data. First Ethereum + dAPPs. First commercial app. Second, MainNet + more dAPPs then.
27:19 RoadMap- ERC-20 to Native.
28:30 Utility discussion on Etheruem
29:44 Prometeus dAPP plan. Infrastructure approach.
31:40 Why do an ERC-20?
34:47 Lising & Exchanges
37:16 Commercial Application coming soon
39:48 IEO Korea
41:46 Lockup, Raise etc.
49:48 Market Making, Liquidity Support
54:54 Token Economic Research
1:11:01 PR Plan
1:12:00 Real dAPP data + Demo Date of Commercial Application
Vladislav Semenovs
Vlad is an experienced professional with a legal and financial academic background with more than five years of career progression in business development, law and investment operations across several industries.
This was 100% free and I did this video with Prometeus with no compensation; not in fiat, tokens or any form on payment. Why? Since several months ago, I decided to do only free content unless legitimate LONGTERM ambassadorships were involved. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed, but this was NOT sponsored and there was absolutely no compensation received in any way, shape or form for this interview that I receive. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
I have not invested in Prometeus. This is not Financial Advice, but I really believe in this project. #DYOR always.
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