Want an exclusive Quarkchain update? BlockchainBrad chats with Qi Zhou (Founder). Wanna talk about upgrades, innovations and developments on this permissionless blockchain architecture? Well here’s the July updates. Quarkchain: A High-Capacity Peer-to-Peer Transactional System

Quarkchain Features:

Two-layered blockchains

The QuarkChain consists of two layers of blockchains. We apply elastic sharding blockchains (shards) as the first layer, and a root blockchain that confirms the blocks from the shards as the second layer.

Cross-shard transactions

Cross-shard transactions can be issued at any time, and confirmed in minutes. The throughput of cross-shard transactions increases linearly as the number of shards increases.

Market driven collaborative mining

We designed a game theoretic framework for incentives, where hash powers are incentivized to distribute evenly among shards. There are at least 50% of overall hash power allocated to the root chain to prevent double spending attack.

Simple account management

There is only one account needed for all shards. All cryptocurrencies from different shards are stored in one smart wallet.

Horizontal scalability

Because a super-full node can be extremely expensive when TPS goes high, we allow multiple honest nodes forming a cluster running as a super-full node.