Today BlockchainBrad speaks with RedFox Labs CEO about how RedFox Labs’ accelerator approach is disrupting proven legacy business models through blockchain technology. With a focus on accelerating blockchain adoption, RedFox Labs is aiming to be a major blockchain Venture Builder in South East Asia. They innovate with blockchain technology to build market leading companies in emerging markets.RedFOX Labs is a blockchain based tech company that identifies and builds successful business models for the emerging markets. At RedFox Labs, they create innovative and scalable solutions to unlock the true market potential of blockchain technology. Their aim is to build, launch and scale high growth tech companies in Southeast Asia’s emerging markets.
01: 06 What do you do at Redfox Labs?
03:03 About the terminology of Redfox Labs
05:42 About the us of the token
11:07 About the utility of the token
16:19 About the revenue of the token
16:45 About the partnership and roadmap
22:07 Do you ever worry that you are going to have enough tokens that if you will really build up your ecosystem in the future?
23:02 Are you concern about your liquidity?
25:00 About how much to put in
27:30 Are there more just ways to start in crypto?
30:40 Do you think that hole polarisation, decentralisation has a value to utilised new technology?
33:50 There is a plan to integrate other potential chains that maybe more sellable?
36:37 About the expanding of the potential of the incubation service model
40:45 About the proof that Komodo and Redfox Labs are working properly in the mainstream scenarios to evidence more productive outcome
43:18 Is the location also imperative for the success of the Redfox Labs?
46:11 Are you confident that you can make it through with the model that you got?
50:22 Do you think that there is enough strategy to make sure that people can trust the real deal?
53:20 There is a concerning that trading itself suggest more of that speculative position where people are looking more on how to capitalize on something?
55:32 About the roadmap of Redfox Labs
01:02:41 Are you concern now about the reality we are facing?
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Southeast Asia is experiencing dramatic market acceleration as the internet economy hits an inflection point. The young, tech savvy population are driving the growth behind the internet economy. With access to low cost mobile devices, falling data prices and some of the best network coverage in the world we can expect Southeast Asia’s internet economy to continue on this trajectory.

Statement from the Interviewee: Ben Fairbank (CEO)
The region needs more Fintech companies to step up and provide innovative solutions. People have a right to basic financial access and inclusion. The time is right for us to now step up and lead the way in bringing the available technology to the people.
– Ben Fairbank (CEO & Co-Founder)
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I have not invested in RedFox Labs. This is not Financial Advice, but I really believe in this project. #DYOR always.
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