Today Crypto Beadles and I catchup for a Candid Crypto Convo! We talk openly about Blockchain, BTC, Crypto and Rob’s own project: Monarch. Robert Beadles is a pretty inspiring guy. He started his own business in his early 20s, supplying signage, barricades, traffic, and safety services to California State public works and private construction projects, generating millions of dollars in revenue. Beadles is also property investor focused on providing high quality rental homes and apartments for low income families. To add to this, Rob is also a prominent cryptocurrency personality & crypto evangelist on YouTube and other platforms & he advises some cryptocurrency projects as well.
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00:58 What really interests you in the Blockchain?
05:20 About sharing information and spreading the word of crypto.
09:25 Do ever get concern about the risk of indirectly supporting some pump and down scams?
12:41 Do you ever get concerned about those parties in crypto when they do reviews that are not backed by research and sourced content?
15:20 Let’s talk about influencers what they bring to the space.
17:40 About the power of money to change people
24:50 About Monarch, Rob’s core project.
30:28 Do you ever consider you have a conflict of interest between blockchain journalism and making your own tokenized startup?
31:38 Talk us through the importance of utility from your perspective and what’s your plan for the future in terms of the Monarch token to assert itself as a utility.
34:38 About security on the blockchain
37:55 What is BTC to you?
41:00 About the BTC whitepaper and sound money
44:12 About BTC becoming a currency
47:03 About speculation
52:00 What is the fundamental utility of BTC as a digital asset today?
01:00:20 About Sound Money
01:04:28 About bitcoin and bitcoin cash.
01:07:00 About stable coins
01:11:50 About the power of social media
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I have not invested in Monarch. This is not Financial Advice. #DYOR always.
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