Roger Ver one of the world’s first investor in Bitcoin startups including,, Zcash, BitPay, Kraken, discusses with us about the Global Economy, Bitcoin Halving, Cryptocurrency and and Privacy Coins.

0:46 With the spread of this virus and the effect it had on the market. We’ve seen central banks printing more money to fight this crisis. What are your thoughts on this?

1:37 Centralized banks having too much power, is this a valid argument from crypto right now?

2:23 Following this economic crisis, there has been some reports from Candor that had to lay off 50% of their staff, but you have since said this isn’t true?

3:34 We’ve seen Bitcoin Cash BCH fall 71% from 488 dollars in February to 140 dollars in march, and its creeping back up as is bitcoin and other stocks. Why is this?

4:47 Bitcoin Cash halving just happened we saw it rally 12% of Wednesday. In the long term, what will this do for the price of BCH? And what other effects can we expect to see?

5:46 Coin metrics data suggest miners could seek refuge in bitcoin, given the bitcoin having is later in May. What are your thoughts on this, is there a concern here?

6:33 What can we expect to see from in the next 6 months?

7:56 What are the most exciting blockchain project?

8:22 Thoughts on privacy coins like monero, zcoin and zcash?

9:22 BCH Giveaway

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