Wow what a shocking turning of events! The Democrats released a bill by Nancy Peolosi that was scrapped to incorporate a digital dollar. But there is still a pending bill by Congresswoman Maxine Waters to bring the dollar into the age of crypto.

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    W T F…

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    The 2008 bailout topped out at $17 trillion The 2020 bailout top out over $100 trillion

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  4. C mon, grow up, there is no easy money, especially in stock market… so you should always predict the boom! they dont have time for introduction of new system and testing it to learn this is effective… maybe that is the new world order after they paid the debt using crypto currency

  5. Why was the digital currency proposal which is the biggest news in the history of the world since we went off the gold standard no where on any news channel on TV anywhere at all?

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  7. Never trust politicians during an emergency, They never waste a good tragedy. Even if you think a Digital dollar is a good idea there is nefarious means behind it.

  8. They could always buy a “stable coin’” ,cuz they wouldn’t give in to BTC , and push Americans to Coinbase to withdraw their stimulus money lol… it’d prob work a lot better than anything they’d come up with?

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