BlockchainBrad chats with Seele exec. Dr Bi Wei, as well as key team members Liu Wensi & Tiger Park, in a quest to seperate the Facts from FUD, to breakdown the BS! Why? Seele is a promising Blockchain project that is slated as a “blockchain 4.0,” level technology and enterprise/business solution. Of late, is has been the subject of much criticism and negative press. From sneaky scams to scornful investors, from FUD to Fraud and even Frantic reactions, Seele has seen it all! But what are the FACTS behind the FUD. What is true and what is simply B.S.? Today we get the facts rather than fiction directly from the executives Dr Bi Wei, Liu Wensi & Tiger Park, of Seele. And through this we explore why Seele deserves this interview. Could this contribute to their redemption? Let’s find out.