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Today we look at Sirin Labs. So many people have been talking about this project that I thought it was time to do a review on it. Sirin Labs is 197 on right now. This project uses the native token, SRN. They are trying to make bring a blockchain phone, dubbed the Finney Phone to the market. They hope that this will help with mainstream adoption. One of the challenges this company faces is that the public may not yet be ready for a blockchain phone.


What is Sirin Labs:


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  1. SRN (Sirin Labs Token) A first real life use case and hardware product made for and driven by the blockchain. In just a few months they release a brand new and original phone with build in hardware wallet for almost all tokens. Check this out. This could be big !

  2. Reason I didnt want to invest in sirin long term is cuz I thought about having all my money in this cold storage phone. Carrying my phone every where with me. But what if I accidentally misplaced my phone and lost it. I didn't just lose my phone, I lost all my crypto. If there is a way to fix this problem, it's something I would definitely use. But the risk of losing the phone is too much right now. After this problem is resolved. Sirin may have a bright future. I've bought a ton of SRN anticipating a spike before it's release. Fingers crossed.

  3. Smartphones is a tough field with small profit margins,and you're right…it will be tough to convince folks to pay for a "crypto" phone at 1k.
    Smartphone markets are all about gimmicks (bigger screen/better cameras etc)…mass.adoption in in this field will be tougher in this time and THATS what you need in this field.
    Too many companies went out of business trying to create their own niche.
    great video as always.

  4. I dont believe people will adopt a blockchain phone anytime soon. First crypto most be adopte massively and then fancy stuff next… Thanks Bitboy for all you effort and all you put in this….

  5. "Can you hear me now?" Look at you Mr. Moneybags calling an iPhone affordable. I think I paid $100 for my Android. You can call me the so-late-it's-on-the-discount-rack adopter.

  6. I agree with you mostly, but I think that will be a quick success. Anyone who buys a premium smartphone today has its reasons, but they are not sure about the data. Finney will be the safest smartphone with additional options no one can offer right now. More options for the same price as Apple or samsumg. I will buy it and sell my s9 immediately. If the marketing works well and the btc is over 12000 $ this will go very fast with the sale

  7. Thank you so much for the review of and your thoughts on SRN. It coincides with my own.
    I believe in a short term this project will not explode yet as you say the adoption is the biggest problem. Nonetheless in the long term, as Cryptocurrency becomes more and more interesting and mainstream, having this system out as early as now will have a big gain and Sirin will have the lead in that market.
    As such I am invested in it for the long term and I am quite giddy in getting my hands on one of their Finney. Although right now the Finney can only be acquired through the use of SRN tokens as payment with a 50 SRN preorder (which will be either deduced of the total price when phone launches, meaning if SRN is under 12.95$ you will have to pay the difference in SRN, or, if SRN suddenly jumps as high 12.95$, will get you the phone for just the 50 SRN. And of course if over that price they will reimburse the difference). I'm currently waiting to see if price shoots up before I do the preorder.
    One of the features that the Finney has is P2P battery charging, which will give you additional SRN as you help someone charge his phone with yours. Quite an interesting idea. Of course they are working (as they announced) very hard in making sure the battery is as robust as possible.
    They also have a dApps environment for their Sirin OS. Which gives this project a more interesting package.
    And 0.15$-0.16$ is quite good for a starting entry if you wish to put your bet on this working in the future.
    Huawei already interested in their project is also a positive thing.

  8. Sirin Labs was a project I was into. The hurdle is there competitors if they get the phone launched before others game on niche phone for now but will make other companies start fomoing in to wich could will be a good thing!


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