BlockchainBrad and SKALE’S CEO & CTO have a deep crypto chat about SKALE’s modular protocol. SKALE is the first to build a network of blockchains to enable devs to build highly configurable elastic sidechain , which provide the benefits of decentralization without compromising on computation, storage, or bandwidth. Skale’s elastic sidechains are highly performant, decentralized, configurable & Ethereum compatible. Skale’s virtualised nodes are built on the latest breakthroughs in modern cryptography to provide provable security. Staking is also built into this network for uncompromising network security.
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Devs can deploy their dApp to highly configurable elastic sidechains, run Solidity smart contracts at sub-second blocktimes and storage at low cost while not sacrificing decentralization for performance. SKALE eliminates unnecessary complexity so that you can speed up your dApps and smart contracts in no time with essentially no additional coding.Many dApps are already running smart contracts on SKALE’s elastic sidechains. These include games, content streaming services, TCR-based platforms, and more.

Specific Features:
Byzantine Fault Tolerant
The standard for security in distributed systems; BFT guarantees that the network can reach consensus even when up to one third of participants are malicious.

Asynchronous Protocol
Following the same model as the Internet, this protocol recognizes latencies of nodes and the network, allowing messages to take an indefinite period of time to deliver.

Threshold Signatures
BLS Threshold Signatures enable efficient interchain communication and support randomness in node allocation.

Leaderless Consensus
Leaderlessness mitigates the possibility of collusion amongst network participants by ensuring that each has an equal chance to successfully propose and commit new blocks.
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