BlockchainBrad catches up with Solana CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko, for an exclusive interview. Solana is a blockchain ‘Rebuilt for Scale’. It’s lightning-fast distributed ledger technology for mission-critical decentralized apps. It’s a “Layer 1 security with Layer 2 speeds” and according to Anatoly, Solana makes no compromises.

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Proof of History: The Key to Speed
We’ve created a cryptographically secure and trustless time source – and built a blockchain around it. This allows nodes in the network to verify the time and order of events without witnessing them directly, drastically reducing messaging overhead and unlocking massive network optimisations.

Distributed Web Services and Storage
The future of cloud storage and web services can be decentralised, encrypted, permissionless, and secure. Decentralised
file storage systems have the potential to eliminate high markup and human capital costs, and set new standards of unit economics for distributed data storage. Solana provides a scalable path for this future to become a reality.

I have not invested in Solana (sadly). This is not Financial Advice, but I really believe in this project. #DYOR always.
This was 100% free and I did this video with no compensation and no intention to get anything from the Solana Team for doing this video; not in fiat, tokens or any form on payment. Since several months ago, I decided to do only free content unless legitimate LONGTERM ambassadorships were involved. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed, but this was NOT sponsored and there was absolutely no compensation received in any way, shape or form for this interview that I receive. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
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  1. ? Like your content. About to check out some of your other videos! Go and check zsmpromo”.”com!! I’ve used it on a couple of my channels and it really helped me get more subscribers!!

  2. Good Interview!! You should take a look at NIX ( Main developer Jackieboy would be glad to do an interview with you. Nix is a optional privacy platform. They have implemented Sigma to enhance privacy, they have LPOS, Charlie Shrem as an advisor, sidechains, a Dapp (multicurremcy wallet with DEX Manager interchange to boost liquidity providing swaps among any of the DEX connected and easiness). No ICO, it was created as an airdrop of Zoin to Zoin holders. Growing community. Off Chain governance, first proposals being voted at the moment. Great UI wallet. Mobile walletd. Masternodes (Ghostnodes) getting a 0.25% fee reward on transactions.
    It is in the 300s of coinmarketcap, and it falls out of your usual interviews but I think it is worth giving it a look. I have other coins much better positioned in coinmarketcap but I am not as excited as I am with this little Gem. It is a coin that goes beyond the pump and dump and it is really thyng to add to the blockchain ecosystem. Thanks for the long read 🙂

  3. 100% Unsponsored Interview with Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko. We talked about top tech, really fast blockchains and what the plan is in 2019 for Solana. Was great to speak with Anatoly.


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