Today, something REAL! BlockchainBrad speaks with CEO Artur Sychov about SOMNIUM SPACE: The world’s first decentralised Virtual Reality (#VR) based complete tokenised world with purchasable land & NFTs. The Somnium team are creating an Open, Social, Virtual Reality World. It’s a world with its own economy and its own currency (more info coming). It’s a complete VR world with its own Marketplace, Games, Social experiences and Virtual Land ownership. It’s a VR world that will be interconnected, interactive and seamlessly integrated. It’s fully accessible from any device from 2D mode on a user’s Desktop to an immersive VR mode on a user’s Desktop or Mobile. Now, through NFT optionality, true ownership of in-game assets is possible on the Ethereum Blockchain via the loom network!

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SomniumSpace TimeCodes:
01:00 About Somnium Space and what it stands for
06:45 About the connection between this virtual world and blockchain
09:00 About being decentralized: a world’s first!
11:45 About the Somnium Space economy
13:31 About living in VR
16:47 About Second Life & the connection
19:45 About the in-game mechanics
22:00 About the unique ‘live forever’ feature
25:54 About the land plan
30:20 About the purchases
33:00 About tokenization and the value of Blockchain/Crypto
34:30 About the feedback so far
35:50 About being part of Somnium Space
40:09 About NFTs
43:30 About the first movers advantage in the land offering
48:05 About the currency/money for the virtual world
50:30 Are you agnostic by design?
53:35 About the interest from real mainstream parties
57:55 About the stages of development
01:00:15 About the team
01:03:05 About the land parcels and the ILO!
01:05:45 Is it kid-friendly? family-friendly?
01:08:22 About multiplayer features and interactivity of VR
01:10:10 About the regulations and compliance
01:12:10 How to start using Somnium: Let’s Go!
Features & Value Props:
Cross Platform: Available on all major VR headsets.
Customizable PC Client: Create and adjust your own layout setup for fast in-game interaction.
Live Forever: Automatic recording mode of yourself on your own property for future AI analysis to bring your avatar to life.
Blockchain: Integration of blockchain allows true ownership of digital goods, avatars, items and virtual land. We are creating a long lasting Economy which will allow instant monetization for our in-world creators.
Persistent Social VR World: Unlimited scalable world built by users within one instance
Scriptable World: Program your own experience and monetize through the asset store or on your property.
Monetize Your Space: Take advantage of fully programmatic VR advertisement plugin. Capture and analyze gaze tracking, engagement and conversion rates.
“By tokenizing in-game assets and Land Parcels, we are forever decoupling Somnium Space as a company from owning and operating database of parcels and all in- game items by giving this power to our users”
This interview was entirely, 100% FREE from both me & BlockVera. We, at Blockvera , even pay for all editing and transcript costs and I do my own editing as extra FREE support for Somnium. In every way, no tokens, no under the table deals. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed openly to the community. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
I have not invested in Somnium Space. I want to buy land in their ILO for each of my family. This is not Financial Advice. #DYOR always.
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