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  1. I agree about your views on decentralised exchanges. But crypto space is still plagued with 2 things:
    1) lack of adoption
    2) high volatility (pumps and dumps, market manipulation in various forms and etcetera)
    So, how do you think an ethical exchange can be launched? I mean, exchange between a crypto and food or water, say? Because of lack of adoption, we still need to rely on fiat. Does not matter which government's fiat. Can we buy an air ticket with crypto? For the one thing, the currency accepted by both the airline company and others (adoption) and for the other, it needs to be quite stable. We don't want to pay 1 btc today and 2 tomorrow and half day after tomorrow.
    What do you think about a peg with the global poverty line?
    But, in the mean time, what do you think about a crypto exchange that is decentralised but not with decentralised individuals. It is decentralised with decentralised central parties that perform a specific task for the purposes of accountability and such things? Would love to know your thoughts.

  2. When a company lies about themselves that means it more than likely cheats through obfuscation and deceit. Block One, the entity that created Tether and Bitfinex, is centralized insofar it has 21 block producers or "deciders" . . . so sure, they'll take your money . . . then run away with it. The 850 million that is unaccounted for did not disappear. It went somewhere. Until you clear the smoke away that they laid down you're not going to find it. The lesson here is know the people behind the company . . . but even that was hidden as far as Tether is concerned. Names were named in the NYDA report, but they were all made up– pseudonyms. Golly gee wiz. Just another form of chicanery a la' the now defunct Bitconnect.

  3. its nice to see a lady in the crypto space tether = bank and look where that has got us we no the banks cant houner everyones money if they wanted all there money out seems tether will have this problem as it has assets that would need to be sold first before you get funds back and ill bet there putting it in btc wich you should do

  4. Crypto is SOO unsafe! Even cold wallets like the Ledger are glitchy. With no increase in crypto’s usability in the last 2 years, and billions successfully hacked without arrests, speculation is the only reason to be in it imo.

  5. Good video and scenery’s as usual.

    Good news that Bitfinex in New York has been replaced by Bitstamp Exchange – they only trade BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH & Xrp


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