The Bitcoin Halving & The Manipulation Of It


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  1. If the US gov. decides to replace cash with their own digital currency, which will record every transaction making any BTC purchase taxable no matter what: This will be bad for all of society, and probably bitcoin as well.

  2. Of course Arthur Hayes is going to say that. His exchange Bitmex is one of the biggest contributors of market manipulation with leverage trading, and it's in his interest to rekk noobs because he's still covering fiat losses. Pump and dumps happening on a weekly basis. The 6700 level has been very kind to whales. Price goes up, noobs go long, and four or five days later, a dump and they all get liquidated. Rinse and repeat. I think the price is going to be suppressed for awhile after the halving. Too many whales from fiat finance have their tentacles in this trying to recover losses from stocks.

  3. Things to consider…. This is the first halving ever where we had futures and options available. Smart (mostly large) Miners use futures and options to hedge their bets and remain profitable all year round. We have quite a few extremely large commercial miners this time around. It's entirely possible that idiot miners were washed out in the 3850 crash. This is the least unsure I've ever felt about a halving.

  4. 2 videos a day haven't seen your videos for a while is YouTube beeing tossers again and blocking content. No free speach in this world like they say. Total hypocritically system.

  5. If BTC is correlated to the traditional markets, then all you need to know is that Warren Buffet who hates Cash, has been hoarding it since 2010, is now holding $130 Billion in cash. Follow the money.

  6. why always bitcoin ? i only trade in altcoins and it makes me +1k a day ? why hold when you earn and can keep it from the banks??

  7. We think that we know what they don’t want us to know, but what if they know that we know what they know and do the opposite of what we think that we know about what they know ?
    Ahhaaah ☝?

  8. If it were the end of the world and I saw a CryptoDaily notification, that would be the last video I'd watch, so I could die a happy man

  9. In case I 'll have a son someday I hope he' ll be like Daily. Tall, handsome, eloquent, strong meme game, funny, knows how to use a green screen, has lots of Lambos and is good for Bitcoin. Noice video fine Sir.

  10. So I haven’t been watching actively like I used to, Binance basically took my money and ever since the 29th of January I’ve been trying to solve this. I know this is a long shot, but can you help me or someone reading the comments? I have proof of them telling me there has been an issue but reimbursement they flat out refuse.

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