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  1. Adoption will drive price because that will increase velocity and demand. Anyone hoping for ETF's is naive and uninformed. The same people that run the fractional reserve banking system also run the equally corrupt wall street institutions. Be care what you wish for.

  2. Don’t worry — The CFTC put out an open call for feedback that anyone could respond to. They definitely did not specifically reach out to Faketoshi for his “insight”.

  3. honestly i dont give a fuck if we gown down or up,when we hit 20 k and above again then and only then my boner will return,like really there is absolutely nothing to be excited about with this little pump lol

  4. Agreed with what you said about Binance too. About how they likely won't be dethroned anytime soon as the #1.

    Joined the telegram & left a link to NASH, NEO's new Decentralized Exchange, as they're doing signs ups / a giveaway. Hope links are cool

  5. I agree on the whole talk stuff, if I had BTC for everytime I heard someone talking about how they'd sell everything at ridiculous lows. I don't think we will see a sub 3k Bitcoin aswell

  6. Don't worry, bro! The Bitsquad is behind you. You're not just staring at a camera. Someday, we'll hang out and I'll buy you an A&W Diet Root Beer, while I drink a real beer! Lol Keep doing what you're doing! Peace, Out….

  7. Funny intro. Good work. I have no idea about the next 2 months but there has been some independent moves with some alt coins which makes the market feel very different. Not pumps and dumps either. Some alts have been rising very slowly with little pull back. I agree with you point about confidence. Once there is more confidence and off the back with some good news, alts doing will and some significant tech advances, Bitcoin will be an unstoppable force. I give it 3-6 months.

  8. I totally agree with you. I dont think we will go below 3000 dollar Bitcoin. It is possible to go slighly under, but in my opinion 3200 were bottom or close to bottom. Some "experts" are calling for below 2000 and even down to 1000 dollar based on some "amazing charts". But basicly you can just throw out a random number and just make a chart or numbers that will support this. Great video BitBoy. Loving these short videoes with Fresh5.

  9. Still thinking more dues (so to speak) will have to be paid before bull run. Never seen anything I'd like a crystal ball for more than this stuff. 🙂


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