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We are experiencing a very unique and opportune time regarding technology, developments and communications in CryptoLand. What am I talking about? Do you think it would be easy to contact the developers of Apple products? Or how about the engineers of BMW? Ever felt like you wanted to have a discussion with Elon Musk?

Right now you can easily join chatrooms, called slack channels, that are built for the community of people who are involved with and invested in different crypto currencies. These are the people who are working towards innovating how we think about money and how business transactions occur. We have an opportunity to have discussions about the philosophies of those behind different coins, we can hear from the source what the long term goals of these different coins are and learn up to date information on updates and improvements.

If you’re skeptical about a coin and you can’t find satisfactory information from the crypto articles, then I suggest joining the conversations on the respective slack channels and ask them yourself.
A coin with a solid community is a decent hint that they have interest in being more than a pump and dump ponzi scheme.

I am only speaking from my own experience and I’m featuring these coins today because they’ve proven to have solid communities backing them.
So let’s get into it.

PIVX is a coin that provides Private Instant Verified transactions. This coin did not have a premine. Meaning that no one was able to mine this coin, let alone mine a significant amount of this coin before it went public. When looking at investing in new alt coins, that is one important aspect to take note of, because a coin that has allowed for a significant amount to be premined is an indicator that those who mined a significant amount could quite possibly sell off their coins if or when that coin reaches a higher price.

Because PIVX did not have a premine is one of many examples showing that they value equality for every user in their community.PIVX also has masternodes available, but also will soon allow for staking coins in exchange for a vote.They value their entire community of investors and those who choose to use their coin, not just the whales who hold large amounts of their coin.

STEEM- Steem has recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary, and now they are revamping their marketing tactics to ensure the solid growth of it’s social platform. Steem’s social network platform called Steemit is bridging the gap between crypto experts and newbies, which is such a huge benefit for the mass adoption of crypto.

Steemit is also successfully utilizing micro payments and acclamating users to the idea of sending small amounts of value to others. Streaming money, much like streaming music and movies is what I believe will be the future for cryptocurrencies in general.