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Today we are taking a look at an extremely interesting chart that shows when Bitcoin will peak and you need to exit the markets.

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  1. It's simple-I don't have enough wealth to buy a classic Ferrari to ride out the next financial collapse, I can't own enough Gold to make a difference to my wealth over time, I look at all the retail space available in California- NO THANKS, property in California? if things crash and I need to leave the country (I'm leaving in September anyway) so no brainer, USD-EUR-YUAN-YEN You've got to be kidding so Dollar Cost Averaging BTC for my soon to be born Grand Daughter in July and my Fiance and my 3 as yet to be created babies Allys, Luis and Sophia (She insists on 3 and I'm not one to argue, hell she's 45 years younger than me) is not only a great idea, it makes financial sense.

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  3. Since smart investors are aware of this trend, expect them to react to it, possible taking profits a bit sooner than the expected top, causing the bear market to start sooner than expected.

  4. I am wondering if the coronavirus is so dontagious… when paper FIAT currency is handled by someone, how can this not spread the virus. Seems a fairplay advertisement, again, for the use of digital currency for exchange. I think there are lots of "contamination" issues yet to be explored in this VIRAL discussion.

  5. You have a lot of knowledge about crypto, but you dont seem to know that a decline in gold ist almost impossible! Because auf gold having become a tier 1 asset, banks are buying and will be paying their depts over the gold they buy cheap now but that is going to skyrocket!!!! The banks rule the world and making the undervalued gold, that they buy with cheap fiat, skyrocket is their only chance to get rid of the all the depts!!! Check out basel 3!

    Edit: i see bitcoin blowin up because of fiat going down.
    If people want to flee into crypto, they will definately hold until there is stabilization again… Maybe we can discuss about a date for that???

    Edit 2 apart from that… if we would not be at such a significant change in the monetary system, your analysis would be right!!

  6. Fact..Bitcoin never has and never will be predictable. If so the $19k price would have been predicted Nd no one saw it falling back down. The halvening will cause it to explode because not it won’t be cost effective to mine anymore.

  7. Bitboy, Man you really up your game with your videos good job dude. Production quality is better everything looks a lot more professional and your topics are interesting.

  8. Look at the reality Boys and girls the economic situation the world is strugle wright now. People hoping for 6 digits bitcoin??? Come on people Will worried with the Daily basis Who Will bring the capital to the market

  9. If I see this Information and we all know Bitcoin will reach all time highs why I am though scary to invest all my money and more ?

  10. Bitcoins are more or less negative correlated to stock markets. Coronavirus is hitting economies with a whimper now, but if it gets out of control, like really out of control. economies will get a massive beating and Bitcoins will / should / be expected to skyrocket. Forget the moon….in this scenario, its going to Mars!

  11. Many sources believe the halving will happen in April because so many miners are trying to get 12.5 coins per block while they still can and the difficulty adjustment can't keep up, so your original target of August would be correct if this pattern repeats.

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