The ONE #Bitcoin indicator that no one I talking about, Wall St. “playing chicken,” QuadrigaCX situation gets even more complicated, $XRP accepted at 4,500 stores, blockchain layoffs, SIM swap their caught, crypto news, and more!

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0:39 Markets 〽️
1:56 Biggest Bitcoin crash:
2:51 Mike Novogratz:
3:26 Wall Street Playing Chicken?
3:37 Ari Paul tweetstorm:
5:13 What’s holding investors back?
7:40 Twitter CEO on Bitcoin:
8:43 Brian Armstrong on Bitcoin:
9:57 Exchanges holding strong:
11:00 Do NOT ignore this Bitcoin development:
15:55 MORE QuadrigaCX drama!
19:00 Not your keys, not your Bitcoin:
19:20 Telegram mentions vs volume:
19:55 XRP accepted at 4,500 stores:
21:11 NANO audit:
22:44 Matrix AI Network (MAN) x DAIA:
23:22 Matrix Masternodes:
23:56 Coinsquare layoff:
25:22 Hosho layoff:
25:56 SIM swap thief caught:
28:20 London Rail Company x blockchain:
29:25 Wyoming crypto bill:
29:52 SECRET NEWS ARTICLE (not in video):
30:03 Fine dining, hotels, and hookers:
31:48 ? Giveaway Winner ?

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