The Real Reason the Markets are Green Today

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– Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. Question: didnt the AG sue iFinex because the missing 850million was allegedly not missing? Now they have siezed parts of it themselves. Could it be that: Fiat banking elite stole tether backing$ forcing bitfinex to take a huge loan from tether to stay afloat and at the same time attacking and corrupting the crypto space from the inside?

  2. This is why I have moved to BSV. It's the platform I originaly fell in love with. BTC was organic until October 2017. We've been tricked unfortunately 🙁 Download the Handcash App and try it….. Please♡

  3. I think BNB is going to moon when bitfinex crashes…… However I'm not sure if its a security or not.

    In any event I would welcome a crash. I would buy so many alts it's not even funny.

    ? But yea… BNB is gonna moon

  4. They say no man knows it all but Mr scott Adrian has fully convinced me that he is a trade god, all he asked was that i should listen and follow his instructions, which i did and today i can gladly call him a legend, making 13k$ weekly with his strategy is more than a miracle, am grateful sir.


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