Over the past few years, online gambling has become increasingly popular, as it offers a convenient and fun way to place bets on a wide variety of games. However, as with any industry, there are always a few bad apples that try to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. One such example is the rise of crypto casinos. These sites claim to offer the same level of security and anonymity as traditional online casinos, but there have been many reports of them being used to scamming people out of their hard-earned money. 

There are definitely some shady traders out there looking to take advantage of anyone who deposits their money into their account. However, there are also a number of reputable and well-established cryptocurrency casinos, like BC.Game that have been on the market for years without major issues. The key is to do your research before depositing any money into an account. Be sure to read reviews and compare different sites before deciding where to stake your money. With a little effort, you will be able to find a safe and reputable crypto casino that offers a great gaming experience.

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What’s the difference between regular and crypto casinos?

Cryptocurrency has brought several changes to the gambling industry. Knowing the differences between these two shouldn’t be too difficult. There are a few differences that make bitcoin casinos preferable to online casinos. Before choosing bitcoin casinos, players should take their time to know the difference between the two.

  1. Currency

The main difference between traditional casinos and bitcoin casinos is the currency they use to perform various transactions. Regular casinos use the regular currency to measure and exchange value. They include US Dollar, British Pound, and Euros, to name a few. On the other hand, bitcoin casinos use cryptocurrencies to measure and exchange value.

  1. Security

Security is one of the things that comes to mind when we want to gamble online. By comparing traditional casinos and bitcoin casinos, both greatly differ when it comes to security. This happens on different levels. First, cryptocurrency wallets are more secure than debit cards, bank accounts, and credit cards. It is difficult for hackers to have their way with bitcoin casinos.

Another aspect of bitcoin casinos that reinforces security is that cryptocurrency is decentralized. Unlike regular types of currency, no financial institution or government has control over bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency. The government holds fiat currencies. This means that your account can be frozen at anytime by the government due to specified reasons. When it comes to cryptocurrency, you have complete control over your account and money. Your account and funds cannot be frozen. Bitcoin casinos are more secure than regular casinos.

How to recognise a scam Bitcoin casino

There are so many different casinos that promise you sure-fire prize pools.

So, you should research and remain wary of such marketing ploys.

Bitcoin casinos are not a scam, but those who lack transparency, would not hesitate to advertise in a misleading manner.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you have checked several things beforehand.

Or, failing that,you can just go with CryptoGamblingNews’ list of trusted BTC casinos.

Make sure to always put a casino to a conscientious test. What we at BC.Game like to do in our own reviews is always find out more about the owner of a casino. It may seem a little counterintuitive to a regular player, but it makes a lot of sense.

An owner, whether it’s a start-up or a company with experience, will always leave some traces online.

That’s precisely what we go after.

If the owner is shady, unnamed, or simply known for misusing funds, you are better off staying away from the casino.

Are Crypto Casinos Legit?

The question of the legitimacy of a crypto casino probably worries, everyone who plans to open an account there. Instead of discussing this topic for a long time, we will say briefly: as elsewhere, there are honest services and there are scams.

The best way to spot a scam is to know what to look for. Below we will give you a detailed list of red flags that you should look out for when choosing a Bitcoin casino gambling.

  1. The high number of bonuses may be tempting, but this may be a sign of a scam. If you do not know the common bonuses casinos offer, do your research to see what offer is reasonable and what is “too much.”
  1. A link to a “very trusted casino” you receive from an unknown source. Today hackers and scammers can reach you everywhere, so the possibility of receiving this link is high. Remember: no matter what they offer, don’t click the unknown links because circumstances may be very bad.
  1. No reviews about the casino. Of course, we may think this service is just young, no one knows about it and you found it by a happy coincidence, but in 99% of cases this website is a simple scam that may delete or block all the bad reviews.
  1. Many negative reviews. Well, this is obvious. If you need real reviews from users, we recommend you to check services like TrustPilot, Quora, or Reddit.
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Cryptocurrency casinos are online gambling platforms that accept cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. BTC casinos may be mixed, “crypto-only” but that doesn’t change their high popularity. Unfortunately, due to high demand, there are many scam crypto casinos that just take your money, and you get no response. That’s why we recommend BC.Game to you! A 100% safe and fraud-free betting site.