TopNetwork CEO Steve Wei catches up with Blockchain Brad for an exclusive May. ’19 update. We talk about full stack communication platforms, crypto startup use cases, token economic modelling changes to TOP, Billionaire Backers, TOP Apps coming, Regulation, Volatility Dilemma, Partners like Conflux, Algorand, Blockcloud and much more!

Top is a high performance blockchain platform for real-world business. It is also a decentralised communications network. Top is known for preparing to port more than 60 million users seamlessly via its existing app business base and it has one of the most overt utility token models yet seen in the crypto space!
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0:19 Intro
0:45 What is TOP again?
1:49 Decentralised Apps
2:09 Full Stack Platform
2:42 Seamless use of Blockchain
3:13 Use Case
4:14 Blockchain as a tool
5:09 Communication layer built on Blockchain
7:13 Utility Token Talk
9:37 Decentralised VPN
11:35 Billionaire Blockchain Backers
12:33 Zoom Connection
13:36 Token Economic modelling
14:41 The Crypto Conundrum
15:48 BNB Burn method & Buyback discussion
21:01 Token Burn Model
23:59 SEC & regulation update
24:00 APPs
25:12 Gaming on TOP. Real, Fun Games.
32:01 Top Tweets
33:30 RoadMap
37:18 Volatility Dilemma
40:10 Algorand, Blockcloud and Conflux Partnerships
45:05 TOP Devs
47:07 IEO discussion
Three DApps with over 60,000,000 users will be immediately available on TOP

Decentralized Messaging App

Decentralized VPN Service

Secure Messaging App
High Performance BlockchainBook and settle high volume of transactions in real-world business on blockchain.

Core Tech & Features
Two-Layer Lattice Two-Layer Sharding Two-Layer VM High-Speed Parallel PBFT Instant Transactions Zero Fees Built-In Security Privacy Protection

Three Layers of Distributed LedgersSeamless combination of main chain, service chains and off-chain ledger to store, process, book and settle any volume and any size of real-world business
I have not invested in this project, but I very much would like to, but I am not one of the VCs lol! This is not Financial Advice.
Since several months ago, I decided to do only free content unless legitimate ambassadorships were involved. For months I have expressed to Steve Wei that I would love to be an ambassador for top, meaning do real work for a company I really believe in. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed and in this respect, I want you to know that I am paid on a monthly basis as an Ambassador for TopNetwork. This means doing real educational and informative content whilst maintaining my objectivity as much as possible (and trust me I will be doing that as much as I can!). For additional disclosure, I want to let you know that I have not invested in this project. I have not invested in any TOP pre-sale or private sale. This is not Financial Advice. I am proud to be an ambassador for this project because I think that have a great chance at achieving REAL ADOPTION and I want to thank you guys for supporting me in making this decision to start to paid work. I will continue to do my best in this space to bring truth, trust and transparency.
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