Today BlockchainBrad speaks with TravelbyBit CEO Caleb Yeoh. Why? Well, TravelbyBit is an online travel booking platform built for the blockchain generation & they reward world travellers in Bitcoin. They also help travellers and tourists experience the world using digital currencies like Bitcoin. TravelbyBit enable users to spend their digital currency at a growing network of retail, dining, and activity service providers. This is a free interview, cheers.
00:46 What Travelbybit’s about
01:58 About Travelbybit’s location
02:41 About spreading the word of Travelbybit
04:38 About the relationship between finance and bitcoin
07:35 About booking waiting times
09:25 About the rewards program
10:57 About revenue
14:40 About stablecoins
17:13 About bitcoin
21:18 About access to the website
23:30 About gift cards
24:38 About the destinations related to Travelbybit’s offering
25:27 About the fees
26:04 About feedback in Australia
29:16 About the benefits to loyal customers
30:10 About the challenges
35:20 About marketing
37:19 About the community support
43:48 About the technologically supported money
46:14 About equity of the company
49:27 About charity support
50:58 About expanding the team
52:46 About retail outlets
53:51 Christmas marketing
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I have not invested in TravelbyBit. This is not Financial Advice. #DYOR always.
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