BlockchainBrad interviews Trias CEO, Dr. Anbang Ruan, in an exclusive Crypto AMA with @Brad_Laurie! So what is Trias? A new generation public blockchain aim at building trustworthy and reliable intelligent autonomous systems. Trias is also focussed on rooting trust in machines. Three magic words are: Leviatom, Prometh and MagCarta. Also their HCGraph consensus is worth looking into.



  1. Hi Brad. Great video and really like the format and the post chat summary. With the right project I have no issue about a slightly longer episode (where warranted). Also, maybe a scheduled update (6 months or so), may be a nice touch to retain and follow up questions. It might also be a nice idea to create a stand alone youtube channel for these 'token tank' episodes as over time they may be lost in within the rest of your content. One last thing………..please find a way to get Erik Zhang or Da Hongfei on these. Figureheads are great, but I think the token tank format may also work with 2 or more responders on the opposing side. Keep up the great work!


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