Today BlockchainBrad speaks exclusively with Troy Trade’s Kira Sun about Redefining Trading, Beyond Exchange. Troy Trade, derived from Troy Network, is a global prime broker specialised in crypto asset trading. The Troy team provide crypto brokerage services for institutional-grade capital & professional traders with revolutionary trading products. Troy Trade is the global prime broker in crypto world. The Beta Version of Troy has connected over 30 global leading exchanges and relied by 1000+ professional traders with over $100 million daily trading volume.
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01:33 What it means to be a Prime Broker?
03:10 About Troy’s slogan/statement
05:45 About this financial platform
06:54 How far along are you in the Roadmap?
08:31 About the Troy Token
09:50 About non-custodial and decentralized aspects.
11:57 About 4 layers
15:58 About cross-chain, super nodes and non-custodial systems
18:11 Where’s proof of the tech?
19:16 About the strategy to achieve the cross-chain element
20:30 About non-custodial system
22:30 About decentralization
24:27 The roles that Troy will play in the future
29:20 About the top 30 exchanges
32:15 Access to markets
34:50 About the investors for Troy’s start-up
39:30 About the roadmap for the token
41:55 About the listing: IEO
42:28 Why do we need to establish a unifying settlement protocol?
44:19 Which digital assets do you want to support as you build up your service?
45:17 What’s the requisites to be a client to work with your service?
47:33 Raise recap.
49:38 More about the token
54:00 About the top exchanges partners
54:54 About the key features for the first development phase
58:50 About the volatility
01:00:45 About the thrust in the ecosystem
01:03 07 About the top down parties involved.
01:04:48 About the name Troy
01:05:25 About Troy’s security
01:07:20 About the numbers when it comes to operational gross data
01:08:47 Transparency
01:11:13 About the Team
01:13:44 About the nature of the utility token itself
01:15:40 About the growth of the ecosystem
Troy as a powerful player in the prime broker business while remaining at the forefront of the crypto industry. Troy focuses on institutional investors and said it will continue to facilitate extensive and complex trading needs.
Master-level Trading Platform
One account with single interface enables full access to the aggregated liquidity of all crypto exchanges. Some key functions include smart order routing, flexible account management, settlement service and automatic risk control.
Sophisticated Data Analytics
Empower customers’ decision making with a sophisticated framework of data matrix including blockchain data, trading data, market data, social data and media data optimised by AI and quantitative models.
Diversified Brokerage Service
Competitive fee rate and superior order execution speed. Real-time fund transfer and settlement service. Provide margin trading and OTC services with advanced convenience.
Full-stack Quantitative Solutions
Infrastructure powered by co-location service to better the performance of high-frequency trading algorithms. Offer best-in-class exposures to quantitative solutions with straight through processing, precise tick historical data and strategy assessment systems.
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