The Universal Protocol Platform (UPT) is a transformational development for the entire blockchain industry, allowing all cryptocurrencies to be convertible on a single network. Universal Protocol provides a common language that can be used by different decentralized networks, which will allow previously incompatible protocols communicate flawlessly. Universal Protocol will significantly increase the number of possible blockchain applications, unite the blockchain community and empower an unrestricted value flow in the market.

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Dan Schatt (Chairman) Co-founder and President of Cred, a decentralized lending platform and protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. Former general manager of financial innovations and mobile at PayPal and the author of Virtual Banking, A Guide to Innovation and Partnering. Dan received his MBA and MIA from Columbia University.

1:30 What made you form this alliance?
3:46 Who is your primary demographic?
5:31 What else can we use the protocol for?
7:16 What is the role of each alliance member?
11:38 How decentralized is Universal Protocol?
15:46 What is the UPUSD?
16:29 Do you have any jurisdiction (regulation) issues?
17:58 What is the utility of UPT?
20:35 What will your product actually look like?
23:48 Are you concerned with scalability issues of Ethereum?
25:31 Will you have a customer service?
26:05 How are you preventing dumping?
31:19 What can we expect short term/long term?
34:13 When do you think we will have a full working product?
34:44 Final thoughts…

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DISCLAIMER: This is a SPONSORED interview designed to educate and inform only. In no way does this video condone or suggest you purchase UPT tokens now or in the future. I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Anything stated in this video is just my opinion. Investing in ICOs is inherently risky. Always do your own research before investing. I am not responsible for your investments or trades. Compensation: 20 ETH

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