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This is how you can fund your wallet.
you’ll select the Deposit/Withdraw tab on the top of the site. I’m going to send BTC to my new openledger wallet, so I’ll select gateway since this is for cryptocurrencies.
I’ll select the crypto that I’d like to deposit from a different account that I have, and I’ll make sure that I’m using the deposit option.
Next, I’ll copy the address that is given to me that corresponds to the coin I’d like to deposit. From here I go to my other account that has the BTC I’d like to send to OpenLedger and send it to this address.

Now if I wanted to fund this wallet with a fiat currency, I’d have the options of USD, Euro or Chinese Yuan.
Keep in mind that third party funding is not permitted.

If you wanted to make a withdraw from OpenLedger I’ll just select the withdraw option and follow the instructions provided.

Ok so let’s make a trade.
I want to buy Bitshares, abbreviated BTS, with the BTC or rather open.btc that is now in my wallet.
I do this by clicking the buy option for BTS.
I’m presented with a form that shows the current price of BTS and so I will fill out how much open.btc I’d like to spend to purchase an amount of BTS.It’s very simple and straightforward.
I’ll submit the transaction and then provide my password for my wallet so that it can be unlocked to make the transfer.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone or thing remembering my password other than myself.
Confirm again and then you’ll see the transaction published onto the blockchain.
So again, this is how you make a trade using the “basic mode view” you’ll soon see that the “advanced mode” gives you more options like you can see the price, volume and percentage change of the coins.
Also when you go to the exchange tab in the “advanced mode” you can do all sorts of things like set the price point you’d like to buy or sell.
In addition to being an exchange that facilitates trading cryptos and pegged tokens, OpenLedger also caters to the advertising side of things with hubDSP and BitTeaser,
and for those looking to release an ICO with OpenLedger, you’ll have a platform designed to help with the crowdfunding campaigns, and for those who are tired of missing out on investing in ICOs or can’t keep track of the upcoming release dates, you can take advantage of the ICOO.