In this BlockVera Exclusive Sept. Update with VITE COO, Richard Yan, BlockchainBrad takes a closer look at Vite’s most recent developments, especially their DEX ViteX. Vite is a Fast Blockchain & a High-Performance Decentralized Ecosystem. The VITE team are doing so much right now! They are planning the launch of ViteX – The First DAG-Based Decentralized Exchange & VX – the token associated with it.

For another FULL HOUR, Blockchain Brad & Richard Yan, Vite’s founder & COO, discuss all the ways in which VITE’s technology is not only improving, but being used in real world contexts.

With partners like Syracuse City, the town of Berkeley, the state of Rhode Island & Manhattan and on the cusp of integrating with a stable coin ( giving them access to fiat on-ramps and crypto off-ramps) – what will be the value growth of the whole ecosystem in the future? Richard Updates us once more…

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Let’s Deep Dive!
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01:12 What does VITE stands for?
03:45 Are you ‘one-upping’ Bitcoin?
05:35 The difference between Vite and Ethereum
07:25 Why don’t more people know about the Vite?
11:10 About Vite agenda
12:16 About your ‘no pre-mine’ start and the value of this.
13:32 About distribution.
16:00 About the Vite exchange token
21:19 How is your DEX going to facilitate the uptake of everything else?
22:33 What’s you vision for the next 3-6 months?
24:51 Can you talk us through the performance of the Vite Exchange?
27:40 About core token
30:31 About Vite ecosystem
33:40 About Vite’s products
34:15 About Vite’s team
35:12 About the VITE referral campaign
36:03 About MainNet & Roadmap
38:12 About the interactions with partners of today and tomorrow
41:18 Are you confident that the functionality and utility is there?
44:08 About the slogan “Tokenizing America”
48:07 About the token economic model of Vite
50:50 About Vite’s marketing
51:56 About the state of crypto itself
53:41 About liquidity
55:11 Final statement
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