Blockchain Brad offers a free & exclusive Oct ’19 update with Sascha Ragtschaa about the Next Gen. WEOWN Investment Platform for blockchain-based, digital tokenised assets. With the release of their first STO, WEOWN are now starting to show what their platform can really do! Their technology enables businesses, especially SMEs, to create digital ‘tokens’, which investors can own. Companies can digitise assets via a new technological means & because these assets are digital, investors can choose to purchase what they see fit and according to their budget. Investing according to our OWN terms.
00:58 About  WeOwn’s concept of digital assets & investment platform
05:15 Do you feel like you have the resources required to provide the key information to the parties that are trying to engage with your services?
06:05 About the key assets that WeOwn brings
08:27 About the foundation focus
09:55 About “equity without entry barriers”
11:29 How confident are you now that there is going to be a more flow and proof of STOs coming on board?
13:13 About the key assets of the eco.
14:23 About the proof of use, adoption, enterprise, value, quality
17:51 About convincing business and enterprises of the value of crypto and blockchain
20:28 About being tech focused
24:18 About utility tokens and security tokens
26:15 About regulations & compliance
30:13 About working with governments
33:55 About decentralized tokens
36:43 About pushing back the STO plans: Clarification
42:17 About the WEOWN DSX
43:45 About partnership and developments
50:07 About WeOwn’s first STO: Crowd, the recruitment platform
52:54 About payments to contractors in the token. Direct question
55:02 About liquidity and its value
55:55 What are your plans to expand to other exchanges?
01:01:00 About the volatility of the space
01:06:36 About the expansion of WeOwn’s ecosystem
01:07:33 About market making
01:09:10 About treasury/token conversion system (Client to Team)
01:11:45 About staking
01:12:49 About the selection process
01:14:52 About future partnerships
01:17:45 About the value and need for time
01:20:47 About rebranding
01:23:25 About funding
01:25:40 About the magnitude of WeOwn
01:26:47 What’s your view on the STO space?
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Every company or investor that registers for the WEOWN platform is given a unique login, which takes you to a dashboard, where you can create or invest in offers. You will also gain access to all of WEOWN’s management and engagement tools, to channel all communications and activities through a single, online portal.

WEOWN’s digital platform is built on a bespoke blockchain, which ensures that all transactions are secure, quick and reliable. It also enables them to be highly scalable, so that quality of service is never compromised as more people start using us to fundraise.
By building their own blockchain, the WEOWN team know it can function exactly as intended: to enable speedy, secure transaction processing, and scalability as WEOWN’s user base grows.
This interview was entirely, 100% free in every way, not tokens, no under the table deals. I have done several free videos with WEOWN because I believe in them. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed openly to the community. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
I have invested in CHX & yes, I still hold. This is not Financial Advice, but I really believe in this project. #DYOR always.
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