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Wrong guy??

VER sued after BCH HF

Don’t worry though, this is an issue that is known to the Bitcoin community and developers in this space.

Peter Todd: I’m now offering a Defensive Patent License to all DPL users on behalf of myself and all tech companies I control from Bitcoin

People like Peter Todd have been working towards providing things called defensive patents for others so that they might be able to continue this fight for a freedom to information and creativity.

Finney Phone has been released.

On a side note, if you don’t know why they would choose Finney as the name, allow me to introduce you to one fabulous Bitcoin rabbit hole that begins with the cypherpunks and their manifesto and a man named Hal Finney.

Hal Finney: Proof of Work Pioneer, Satoshi’s First Bitcoin Payment Receiver

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Finney phone, it’ll cost you about $1,000.



  1. Every country launders money every single day in black ops and for their own political gain.

    They steal from residents, because we know #TaxationIsTheft.

    The USSA should honestly vacate their 900 bases occupying and colonizing everyone in the world and mind their own business, the currency is about to collapse, we know this, that is why everyone in the world is moving away from the USD standard, getting their gold back, all that good stuff.

    Have a nice weekend Heidi. I am sorry I do not stop by your channel more. Life is not super easy for me anymore.

  2. The idea behind Bitcoin is the free open development that you spoke of. However the existing BTC core project is a Frankenstein facing a serious altercations from the origanal code. So much so the supposed originator of that coin says BTC is going to self destruct and is "already dead". I am not certain of anything only that this is going to be interesting going forward.

  3. I figured out another channel you can create and connect. A travel channel. Hotels and cruise ships and travel agencies I bet will give you free rooms and travel for adds on your channel and your new video channel. I used to work at hotels a while back and especially during slow times they comp. or give away rooms very easily. I always expect my cut of your profits mailed to my mailbox here on Monkey Queen Island. I eagerly await my massive profits at my mail box.


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