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  1. following you since your first crypto vid in this tube, you (and the markets 😉 have come a long way and are only getting better! Thanks for making these videos and sharing the info! Keep it up man!

  2. It is manipulation until mass adoption. At the end, the number adoption will make the difference. Also Bearers, at the beginning, should never be aloud. It is a s screw system to rip off people like the stock market ecept the stock market has the numbers so more difficult to influence the price down.

  3. Want the hard facts on where bitcoin is going? Check out Trader of Futures. Ernie's called every move since last Xmas! Forget the conspiracy theories.

  4. I've been thinking for months that big boys need low fills, and will shake out every neck beard wanna be whale to sell into their orders at stupid low prices. They don't want any anonymous nerd whales having any ability to push the market in any direction. And guess what, nnooooo one can stop them, "whales" have coin and some profits, but big boys have lots of cash and strategy.

  5. That’s where Neo and Ont came into my mind because of too much manipulation… i buy neo and ont for insurance policy strategy sake because it generates neogas and ontgas for free… at least my money are not stacked at the red market…

  6. Not sure that you are correct about checkpoints – I thought they were invented by Satoshi and are in Bitcoin.

    FTC had automatic check-pointing, but that wasn't any more centralised than coded checkpoints, a rate of check-pointing is set and it is done automatically. A set of IPs, usually exchanges, developers and pools is set to be check-pointers, i.e. not one place but not fully decentralised..
    When the coin was attacked they had to have the longest chain and the last checkpoint, this just prevented re writing previous blocks to the checkpoint. The "correct chain", still has to advance until it is longer than the attacker chain to get the chain. It prevented any attack being worthwhile, even 100%+.
    One problem that was noticed was it didn't help to checkpoint more often, as this could be used as an attack mechanism.

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