Why Bitcoin JUMPED

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– Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. Wrong…the OTC markets that the whales have been using has dried up. Big money cant get backdoor prices on large volume buys. They have buyers that are required to fill their orders and the only way now is through the exchanges. Brexit….kabuki theatre…go back to sleep dude.You make me laugh. Hit the gym too…your heart will thank me later.

  2. Hey man, please become a verified Brave publisher, if it suits you. I keep getting this message on Brave "This creator has not yet signed up to receive contributions from Brave users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they verify. ". I have sent you almost 90 BAT so far.. but they .. haven't reached you. Keep up the good work! Love <3

  3. heyyyy bro i think you should take a look at NLC and get some players to the platform as its doing good rn , ( i'm not talking about shilling price ) just show people what NLC has , many will be interested in Poker and Crypto to Crypto bets i'm sure. They lack people and you can bring some, We need them desperately specially with the WSOP right now. thank you for your content brooo keep going


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