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Hal Finney Bitcoin Talk:

When Satoshi unleashed his idea of Bitcoin, it was met with plenty of skepticism by those who had already seen many attempts at electronic cash systems come and go. But Satoshi believed in this system. He clearly put a lot of time and energy into figuring out how to address problems, at least those that he could foresee, that would inevitably arise.
That being sad, in all of the communications that I’ve read between Satoshi and those raising questions about Bitcoin, I’ve never come across instances of overreactions or overly emotional responses. Each question or concern brought up was treated with respect. No political drama or tribalism is to be found and that’s something that I yearn for this crypto space to return to.
The quote I’m choosing to highlight this week has to do with a comment posed to Satoshi that addressed the underlying political ramifications that Bitcoin can produce down the line.
Satoshi was met this particular comment ending with the line: “You will not find a solution to political problems in cryptography”.Satoshi responded with: “Yes, but we can win a major battle in the arms race and gain a new territory of freedom for several years.”

Notice that he didn’t respond in a fit of rage or throw a tantrum like a toddler because this person didn’t think Bitcoin could really change anything in regards to politics. He chose to inspire him with a realistic outcome; by the way, it’s one which we’ve been experiencing for ourselves today.

The next time you’re confronted by doubters, or insults, take a page out of Satoshi’s book and elevate the conversation so all parties involved can come away from it at least a little enlightenment.