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Coinbase: There has been lots of attention regarding the IRS investigation, but in my opinion, coinbase is only the first crypto exchange to be targeted by the IRS, they certainly won’t be the last. Which is all the more reason to consider looking into use decentralized exchanges. Not available in Hawaii, Wyoming, or Minnesota.

Kraken is meant for experienced traders. You can trade with many different cryptos as well as a number of different fiat currencies. Allows for margin trading

Poloniex: As I mentioned earlier, this exchange deals with a lot of volume which is good for making trades, but a few months ago it reached the point where the poloniex team was unable to handle the drastic surge in users. Causing trades to come to a halt mixed with severely delayed customer service which resulted in whole bunch of panic and a drop in faith in the exchange itself. That being said, Poloniex is still a very popular exchange that offers advanced trading options like margin trading and lending as well.

Bittrex also is an exchange designed purely for cryptocurrencies and I personally think this exchange is slightly better designed than Poloniex and far better than Kraken.

ShapeShift is similar to a decentralized exchange in that they do not hold any of your funds. They basically act as the medium for your trades.