ZEEPIN is coming to NEO. Chat with ZEEPIN Co-Founder Shenbi Xu about the CREATIVE SMART ECONOMY on NEO. Find me on Twitter for much more NEO NEWS & NEO UPDATES. It is the ecosystem of the future and we are exciting to have a Smart Creative Economy like ZEEPIN use NEO!



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I invested in Zeepin, meaning I bought Zeepin Tokens in the pre sale & thus I support its long term utility. This was my own personal investment. I do several reporting videos without investment interests, but in this case I decided to invest.
DONATION/GIFT DISCLOSURE: After doing this interview, ZEEPIN donated tokens to me. No discussion of set prices we ever discussed as I don’t ever ask for money to do my interviews. That being said, a donation/gift was offered by the ZEEPIN startup and I accepted it to continue running this channel.