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?The New Kids On The Blockchain are back with our weekly round-up of cryptocurrency news, blockchain news and cool technology!

This week!
✔️Blockchain News
✔️SAFEX and all things PRIVACY COINS
✔️BEXAM & their incredibly fast transactions per second
✔️AMAZING Giveaway!

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  1. man the other minted coin answers are funny on here I can’t compete but how about getting something really complicated like the Last Supper etched on there, or the Sistine Chapel paining recreation. Then whoever does it has to take years, and it will be his life’s mission to complete it, so much so that because it took so long, the coin will be worth a ton so it will be valuable, and i can reap the benefits because I will have cryogenically frozen myself to take advantage, and then own my own artwork that I will tokenise and buy a lambo with. Too much?

  2. Definitely love the privacy coin banter. We SHOULD be moving towards privacy coins, that’s the whole idea of blockchain isn’t it? Away from the masses that want to control us and know everything about us?!

  3. If I would mint a cryptocoin I would put on it the "founding fathers" of Bitcoin.
    We do not know how Satoshi Nakamoto looks like but we now some developers and early user who worked or had contact with him.
    Laszlo Hanyecz, Hal Finney, Charlie Lee … I would love to have that collection. 🙂

  4. I was at Token Fest! I just started following you guys so missed you there, I saw some people with cameras so must have been you! Cool event huh? Maybe next time…


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