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According to senior market analyst Mati Greenspan, the next major resistance level is $20,000, the FOMO phase is still to come, litecoin and binance coin are the best altcoins to hodl, and bullish news suggests that mass adoption may be around the corner.

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$20,000 Is the Main Resistance Level, Mass Adoption May Be Close | Crypto Markets



  1. 20K sounds high at first, but when you think about it, it's only about the same percentage move from here as we have seen from 3200 to 8K. Before we know it, it will be commonplace to refer to Bitcoin in millibits or even satoshis, rather than in terms of full bitcoins.

  2. I guess everybody is quite surprised about BTCs pace, with discrete excitement about what may come, but the most important is to hodl now for the following months, if we want to see 20K to 30K in 2020.

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  4. "past performance is not an indication of future results".. proceeds to look at past indicators ? Of course past performance is an indicator because it points to underlying patterns of human behavior. What he should have said is "past performance is not a reliable indication because we don't have enough data to be confident and because we're not great at extrapolating from the data"


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