? 2018. Bitcoin’s Best Year. ?

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  1. Crypto is dead, and for it to ever be useful anyway it has to stay even keeled like it is right now. All we ever get is daily scenarios of well if this happens here or that happens there, things like seizes, arrest warrants, super whales, pumps, dumps, SEC meetings postponed, we added double-lightning network speed option 2.0 Segwit order 66, Bangladesh is in, Somalia is out, Mcafee refuses to eat, Cameron is missing for 2 months and then makes 9 videos in 4 days, Turd Demeister returns to his role in Harry Potter, coinbase adds 4 more coins people cared about 12 months ago, and it goes on and on and on. Just call it a day boys, nobody is having fun. Nobody is making anything. It’s over.

  2. Bitcoin is money. You can exchange it safely, but currency is layer 2. The structural separation between money and currency is another strength of Bitcoin. Open competition at layer 2. Permissionless innovation of currency on the pledged foundations of money, AKA Bitcoin.

  3. Sadly bitcoin is not cheap to transact any more. In this slow, slow bear market fees are 0.15-0.50 cents. That is high by any standard for crypto that is suppose to be digital CASH.

  4. You remain the most entertaining and creative crypto vlogger!! I really applaud you for the time you spend to create such innovative videos with real, valuable content.

  5. OK, @Crypto Daily – please explain this one to me as you seem to keep spamming it over and over: we can transact without third party institutions.
    Can we really? You can transact BTC, yes, but what good is it in today's world? None. So you convert back to good old fiat. And how do you do that? Yes, through exchanges, banks and KYC.
    And once you're done, all the fees and taxes have costed maybe 10%? Not really the financial freedom we are hoping for.
    Let me know if I got it wrong.

  6. yeah,unless the whales with the really deep pockets and the speculators don't start throwing their weight around, we won't see too much of a price increase.Right now the small investors still feel the pain.So many ended up borrowing money to buy bitcoin and ended up losing their shirt that i don't think they forgot that lesson and ended up closing their positions in loss.But just wait until money starts flowing in and they will begin kicking themselves…oh if i only HODL'ed and lived under a bridge eating leftovers….i'd be rich! 🙂

  7. Great introduction ! Oh what a year ! The good the bad and the ugly but we are still here. Im enjoying the tranquility at the moment. Apart from addiction to morphine to calm the nerves there has been lots of great developments in this space lol.


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