Chainlink is one of the top performing assets of 2019. Will it also perform in 2020?

Many things happened for the project. It launched its main net on the 30th of May and since then the ecosystem grew from nothing to over 80 projects that are either node operators, integrated Chainlink or partners. On this list we find some big names such as Google, Oracle, Intel, Binance, Zilliqa, Matic and many more.

I think Chainlink will keep on delivering in 2020 and that’s why it’s one of my favorite cryptocurrencies for this year.

In this video I do an analysis of the price and do a prediction about what I think the token, LINK, will be worth at the end of the year. Both in BTC value as in USD value.

Chainlink x Google Cloud:
Chainlink x Oracle for Startups:

This is just my own opinion, this is not financial advice.

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