The FIFA World Cup is an international men’s soccer tournament featuring the best football teams worldwide. As the most prestigious football tournament, expect the most exciting and thrilling matches among the 32 FIFA World Cup teams chosen to play in this year’s competition. 

The FIFA World Cup is held once every four years. This is to give the host nation and the World Cup football teams ample time to make necessary preparations. Qualifying matches are held during this period to determine which teams will participate in the World Cup. During the actual tournament, FIFA World Cup teams’ rankings will play a huge role in determining who will face who. 

Winning the FIFA World Cup trophy and title is the greatest achievement any football player and the team can dream of. With the upcoming Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022, each team will be giving their best for the chance to win the tournament. 

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How many teams play in FIFA World Cup

Only 32 teams will become part of the final FIFA World Cup lineup. Each squad that wishes to participate must go through a qualifying process that will determine the qualified teams for the tournament. This process starts as early as the previous FIFA World Cup ends. Aside from the host nation, Qatar, this season, only 31 national teams from different countries will be selected. 

In the early years of the tournament, fewer players competed in the tournament. Due to its increasing popularity, FIFA expanded the competition to 32 teams.

Of all the FIFA World Cup 2022 teams participating in the tournament, Brazil has played in all of the World Cups with 21 appearances. Germany and Italy follow this, and Argentina with 19, 18, and 17 appearances, respectively. 

Once the 32 FIFA 2022 World Cup teams qualify, they will be divided into eight groups for the group stage. Only two teams from each will advance to the knockout stage. A single elimination style will be followed from a round-robin format during the knockout stage matches. The finals will be held on December 18, 2022.

FIFA World Cup team ranking

Introduced back in December 1992, the FIFA Men’s World Rankings is a system that ranks each of the men’s national teams. It is based on the team’s game results. Brazil is currently the team that holds this record, having spent the longest on this rank. Argentina, France, Germany, and Belgium are some of the other countries that have held the top position.

The current ranking system has adopted a similar Elo rating system based on the same one chess uses. The FIFA World Cup team rankings follow a points system relative to all FIFA international matches. 

A team is awarded points when they win a match and will be deducted some for every loss. Here is a current list of top ranked World Cup teams:

TeamWorld Cup TitleRanking
BrazilBrazil has won 5 World Cup titles.1
FranceFrance has won 2 World Cup titles.2
ArgentinaArgentina has won 2 World Cup titles. 3
England England has won 1 World Cup title.4
SpainSpain has won 1 World Cup title.5
ItalyItaly has won 4 World Cup titles.6
NetherlandsThe Netherlands has yet to win a World Cup title.7
PortugalPortugal has yet to win a World Cup title.8
DenmarkDenmark has yet to win a World Cup title. 9
GermanyGermany has won 4 World Cup titles.10

Teams with best odds of winning the World Cup

The list of teams most likely to win the World Cup 2022 depends on the team’s previous performances and current lineup. These teams are the competition’s favourites and have the best chances of becoming the tournament champions. 

The probability of winnings is based on their performance and matches won during FIFA international games. The team with the most wins (in this case, Brazil) has the highest odds among the different FIFA World Cup teams set to compete in the 2022 tournament.

Football fans worldwide are excited to see which team will take the trophy and title this year. With this, here is a list of the teams with the best odds of winning the World Cup:


Out of all the teams participating in this year’s FIFA World Cup 2022, Brazil has been a constant participant in all 21 versions so far. This is the most out of the rest of the competition. They continue to prove themselves as legends as the top team in the World Cup rankings.

World Cup Highlights

Brazil’s passion for football is most evident when on the field. They have some of the greatest moments during their participation in the World Cup. This includes Carlos Alberto’s goal versus Italy back in the 1970 World Cup. It has been dubbed as one of the top offensive football moves ever. 

Another notable game highlight from Brazil was Pele’s show-stopping goal, which won the country the trophy in 1958. At 17, Pele showed his amazing football skills when he scored a goal past a Swedish defender. After guiding Brazil to its first win outside their continent, he was hailed as football’s leading light.


Brazil’s coach Tite is the driving force behind the scenes. He has been dubbed by many as one of the greatest coaches. This is thanks to his ability to orchestrate an organised and synchronised team. He does this through a friendly management style with a tactical approach. 

Tite convinced his squad to play in a meticulous way which made him great at what he does. Brazil has been indebted to Tite for the years he has been the coach for Brazil.

Key players

Several key players in Brazil will push the team toward a possible victory during the World Cup. The best football players in Brazil’s midfield are Casemiro and Fabinho. Some of the notable defenders in the team are Thiago Silva and Bremer. Leading the team in battle on the fronts are forwards Vinicius Jr, Neymar Jr, and Gabriel Jesus. 

There is no doubt that the winning odds are with Brazil. Watch Brazil as one of the best teams to win World Cup 2022 and see if they can take the title again.



The current defending champion of the FIFA World Cup is back with a new lineup and tactics. The French team had an amazing track record for participating in the world’s biggest sports event. 

With 15 appearances so far, France won two World Cup titles. Despite not winning recent games, France remains one of the tournament’s favourites

World Cup Highlights

Like Brazil, France also had its greatest moments during their appearances in the FIFA World Cup fields. One of their greatest moments was their victory against Brazil. In 1998, Zinedine Zidane made his dream a reality by being the push his team needed. Zidane scored two goals during half-time winning them the tournament in their homefields.

Another fantastic moment for France was Alain Giresse’s goal during their game against the West Germans. Despite not winning the semi-final match, Giresse was the show’s highlight, shooting an unexpected goal for France. This goal was more special because it was past West Germany’s Schumacher, the team’s talented defender.


Coming back as the manager of the FIFA World Cup 2018 team, Didier Deschamps will be a key piece towards the team’s victory this year. Deschamps’s previous experience as a midfielder equipped him with the knowledge that helped him choose the right strategy. Deschamps has already made the necessary adjustments and preparations for the upcoming World Cup, with N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba missing out due to injury.

Didier is forced to put players who have no international experience into play. Despite this, many remain confident that France can keep their title. With the coach’s wits and the player’s talent, anything is possible for France.

Key players

You can expect a new side from France this coming World Cup. While you will still see football veterans such as Antoine Griezmann and Hugo Lloris, there are new additions to the team. On the front lines, you’ll find Kylian Mbappe and Griezmann leading the forwards. France’s defence doesn’t fall behind with players such as Raphaël Varane and Theo Hernández.

Despite losing key players such as Pogba and Kante, France’s midfield is still a solid lineup with Kingsley Coman and Nabil Fekir.


England is making their 16th appearance in the FIFA World Cup as a tournament favourite. It has been 56 years since the country’s last World Cup title, and many question their ability to win this year’s title. With strong competition like Brazil and France in the lineup, England has to push itself to the limits to pull off something miraculous. 

England currently possesses one of the strongest pools of players for a generation. They also have a tactical and knowledgeable coach behind them. Look forward to England this year and seeing how they play in the World Cup. 

World Cup Highlights

Among the many highlights of England during the entirety of their FIFA World Cup run, their 1966 World Cup remains the main one. The game ended 2-2 with goals from Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters. In England’s greatest World Cup moment, Hurst sealed the victory and secured the goals in each half of extra time.

Besides this iconic moment, England’s match versus Cameroon is a close second. Under the guidance of Bobby Robson, England had a squad filled with world-class players that earned them a place in the semi-finals. This close match against Cameroon was a nail-biting experience for the viewers as they went toe-to-toe. England was able to clutch it up, earning them the win 3-2.


Manager Gareth Southgate will be leading England in the FIFA World Cup 2022. He was the manager of the 2018 World Cup team, where he helped the team reach the semi-finals. Euro 2020 was also under the management of Southgate. Alongside his experience as a midfielder, Southgate’s greatest strength is knowing when to switch up the strategy during dire situations.

Key players

According to many, this is England’s strongest group of players for a generation. Many high-quality players share positions in the squad, which could pose a problem for Gareth Southgate.

Harry Kane is England’s leading man. He scored a goal against Denmark in the Euro 2020 final to help them win the World Cup golden boot. The chances of England winning this tournament depend on Harry Kane’s fitness and performance. Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, and Bukayo Saka will likely be called upon again to provide speed and creativity alongside him.


Another favourite stepping on the fields of Qatar is Spain. It is no surprise that the Spanish team is back for the 16th time, as this is their 12th time in a row to participate in the World Cup. 

Being a popular sport in the country, Spain is known for producing some of the best football players in the world. Players like Pablo Sarabia, Alvaro Morata, and Ferran Torres are great examples.

Spain won their most recent World Cup title in 2010, earning them their first victory in the tournament. Many anticipate Spain’s performance this year and are waiting to see if they have what it takes to win the 2022 trophy. 

World Cup Highlights

Spain’s team in 2010 was dubbed the best national team in the country, having won the World Cup title and trophy. Although there is heated debate about their victory, Spain, in the end, won against the Netherlands.


Luis Enrique will be working behind the scenes as Spain’s coach for the World Cup 2022. As a versatile player who has played for the country in three different World Cups, he is well-equipped to lead the team.

A three-year stint with Barcelona B launched Enrique’s coaching career in 2008. From there, he continued to impress everyone with his talent in the sport by participating in and winning national league matches. His experience over the years helped him grow as a better coach for the team.

Key players

Known for their offence, Spain’s forwards will be the winning factors for the team. Pablo Sarabia, Alvaro Morata, and Ferran Torres have the highest potential to lead the team in its attack. Young players like Yeremy Pino and Nico Williams will dream of playing time, and veterans like Marcos Asensio and Ansu Fati will be ready to strike if they get the chance.

Eric Garcia and Pau Torres are reliable options for Spain’s defence. While it is a weak point for the team, everyone is waiting to see if Enrique will make the same mistakes or show a great performance. 


Argentina heads into the World Cup after a tied match against the Netherlands. They are one of the current favourites to win the match due to many factors. This includes their stout defence, Messi’s participation, and amazing mid-field lineup. 

You can expect the team to perform well as a high-ranking team, especially since this may be Messi’s last World Cup. Their last wins in the tournament date way back to 1978 and 1986. Since then, this is Argentina’s biggest chance to win the Cup.

World Cup Highlights

Arguably one of the greatest World Cup moments of all time was Diego Maradona’s goal during their match against England. Demonstrating his elegant dribbling skills, he managed to goal pass through England’s defence, which shocked everyone. This was during Argentina’s 1986 World Cup run.


Under Lionel Scaloni, Argentina has risen to unprecedented heights. As Jorge Sampaoli’s assistant coach in 2017, Scaloni began his association with Argentina. Aimar, Roberto Ayala, and Walter Samuel, three of Scaloni’s former teammates, were added to the coaching staff. With its most recent defeat against Brazil in the 2019 Copa America semi-final, Argentina has gone 35 games without a loss.

Key players

Lionel Messi is one of Argentina’s most valuable assets. Having one of the best players in the world can undoubtedly improve your team’s performance and morale. The squad’s sense of unity is another key asset. The players seem close to one another, making it easier for them to communicate and even improve their play for one another.

As well as finding a fantastic first-team goalie in Emiliano Martinez, they have re-energised their defence. Their midfield, however, is their biggest weakness. During the 2021 Copa America tournament, their midfield put on an incredible performance. Still, because they lack experience, it is impossible to predict whether they will continue to perform at the same level. 

Cheer on your favourite FIFA World Cup team

The FIFA World Cup is home to the best football matches. Seeing how the competition is shaping up, everyone is looking forward to the game results of each match. With BC.Game, you can cheer and wager on your favourite teams in the event. Make sure to research before going all in on your bets.


What teams are in the world cup 2022?

A total of 32 teams compete in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Brazil, France, and Argentina are most likely to win the tournament. 

Who is the most remarkable player in this FIFA World Cup 2022 season?

There are too many remarkable players since the FIFA World Cup has the best players in the world. If there were to be a list, it would include Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar.

Which group is the World Cup 2022 ‘Group of Death’?

Group B has been dubbed ‘Group of Death’ in FIFA World Cup 2022. This group includes England, the United States, Iran, and Wales. Compared to the other groups, this cluster can have anyone come out on the knockout stage due to the difficult competition they have to face.