BC.GAME is a standout online casino. It has grown over the years to support operations in many countries while also managing the withdrawals of its clients in a number of ways. 

So far, it supports three main methods of withdrawals. The two most preferred methods on the platform are fiat withdrawals that are sent directly to a player’s bank account via direct transfer and E-wallets. The other alternative involves the use of crypto wallets. BC.GAME supports over 20 crypto coins for staking and betting purposes in the place of fiat currency. Indian customers can use the UPI method to receive their winnings.

Withdrawals via Crypto Wallets

As is typical, crypto wallets help hold crypto assets in peer-to-peer frameworks that are both safe and easily manageable. Some run on the blockchain, keeping users anonymous. BC.GAME’s crypto stake feature makes it easy for crypto asset owners to have their winnings in the safety of their crypto wallets held in any popular crypto wallet provider. 

The entire process eliminates intermediaries, thus making it cheaper and faster to receive bet winnings. Crypto wallets come with private keys, which are the sole responsibility of the owner to keep them safe. BC.GAME provides tools to secure these intricate details when a transaction is ongoing. It takes a couple of steps to receive money in a crypto wallet from BC.GAME. The steps are easy to follow. 

BC.GAME has set the default crypto coin in the crypto select trigger terminal to Bitcoin. A simple click on the arrow at the far end of the trigger field reveals a drop-down that exposes over 20 other cryptocurrencies. The system is flexible enough to allow users to match their crypto coins to their desired crypto wallet for withdrawing their winnings.

Once done with the crypto select field, players are required to choose their preferred networks. By default, the trigger field for the crypto network is Segwit. Clicking the right-facing arrow on the far end exposes a multitude of crypto networks which the player can set to the desired type. 

The proceeding steps are straightforward and won’t require the player to do much. Users must enter their desired withdrawal amount, and the fees will auto-populate. For security, the system will lock enormous figures for up to 6 hours to allow verification and disbursement of the funds. Depending on the network that holds a wallet, receiving winnings might take some time to execute.

Direct Bank Deposits

Bank transfers are a safe alternative to receiving winnings from BC.GAME. The feature is straightforward and executed automatically once the website receives all the information from the player. No matter the amount, BC.GAME handles it safely. The bank transfer form on BC.GAME’s website has four fields. 

Field one is the account holder’s name–this refers to a player’s full name, matching their bank account details. Next in the form is the bank name text field, which is easily the bank where the player has a personal or business account. The next text field requires a bank account.

Typically, a bank account is a series of numbers unique to the account holder that set the account apart from other account owners from the same bank. Players must cross-check their account numbers to match those of their personal accounts. 

After completing the form, the player will then enter the desired fiat amount for withdrawal, which then auto-updates the withdrawal fee at the bottom of the form. The bright green buttoned label “confirm” is the final step in the direct transfer withdrawal terminal. Once clicked, the withdrawn money will begin its journey to the user’s bank account.

BC.GAME certainly delivers the money to the submitted bank account details. Players must follow the withdrawal procedure set by their banks once the money hits their account. Also, depending on the bank and the level of security required for international transfers, players might note some delay in receiving their money.

Withdrawals via Electronic Wallets


E-Wallets connect bank accounts to secure online money management terminals. The terminals remember the bank details, or the credit cards linked as long as they are active. 

Electronic wallets have their pros when used for transactions, with security topping the list. No wonder their inclusion as a winnings-withdrawal option in BC.GAME. They encrypt user data, hide real card details, and are convenient for sending and receiving money. E-Wallets are a safe alternative for receiving fiat money from anywhere online. 

Fortunately for BC.GAME customers, various E-wallet options exist as a default. E-wallets in the payment terminal vary with the type of currency selected. Upon currency selection, the E-wallet payment terminal exposes a payment form to be filled out by the player. The form has various fields specific to the selected E-wallet. 

Cross-checking the form is an activity E-payment users must be accustomed to. The activity prevents a mismatch that might send the money to another destination.

Once players satisfy the form requirements, the algorithm provides the withdrawal fee segment at the bottom, alongside the total withdrawal amount. The player must click the confirm button to allow the automatic processing of the funds to their wallets. It takes some time to receive the funds; in some instances, the process is instant. 

Final Thoughts


Commitment to cater to a diverse range of gamers is evident by its multiple withdrawal functions. The terminal is easily accessible in the personal profile drop-down menu that exposes three ways to receive winnings. Cryptocurrencies have become mainstream and use a secure chain to move around. BC.GAME’s thoughtful nature in adding the feature is one of a kind. Gamers with bank accounts have the direct deposit method and E-wallet options available. The convenience of the platform aligns with its goal, which is to be the top gaming destination globally.